The surprise in-flight proposal

It was the Fourth of July weekend, exactly one year after Christy and I had first met. To celebrate the occasion we planned a little trip, taking the airplane to fly down to Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks for a romantic long weekend getaway.

What Christy didn't know was that I already had the ring ready to go... and that I had snuck away to her family's summer house (which happened to be right on our route of flight) a few days earlier and spelled out the big question on the lawn. In large, red letters, eight feet tall and one hundred and sixty feet wide!

When we flew over the spot I pointed out the familiar house to her and asked her what that was on the lawn down there? At first she wasn't able to make it out (No, it's not the boat!) but eventually we got close enough. Her reaction was priceless... and a little PG-13, for language :)

Christy said YES! This was the happiest day of my life... only to be surpassed the following May, when she said YES again and we got married to each other. In the exact same spot, right there on the lawn overlooking the river!