Spencer and Lacy's Engagement


Spencer and I got engaged on October 26, 2007. He was so nervous but excited (at the same time) when he was about to propose to me. He told me he wanted to propose to me before my birthday, not on my birthday so it would not be so cliche.
Spencer lives in Smryna, Tn, while I live in Clarksville, Tn. We get to spend our time together on every weekend. When he came into town on that Friday night, I was working on photos for one of my photo classes. My minor is Photography in school with a major in education, grades 4-8. When he came into the Trahern building to see me and meet me, he was so excited. He hugged me and was in a hurry to go home. I did not understand why he was acting so anxious around me. I finished what I was working on in the darkroom and then we left to go to my house.
When we got to my house, he told me to go wait in my room, and he said, "he needed to set up something."
Here is a little background information, the movie "The Notebook" was one of the first movies that we ever saw together and it is a movie that fits us perfectly. We dated since my senior year of high school. When I went to college, we broke up for a little bit because we was a year behind me in high school. We dated other people, but realized that we needed to be together and missed each other very much.
I love spencer with all my heart. He called me into the living room and had the movie clip right at the moment when Allie and Noah in the movie got back together. Then he paused it, got down on one knee and made a little speech. He said that he wants to live the rest of his life with me and knows I am made for him to be his wife and lover. He pulled out the ring, and I said, "YES!"
Now it has been awhile since we have been engaged. I am waiting to graduate from college before I get married. Our planned date is May 22nd, 2010. I can not wait to be the future Mrs. McAllister.