Picture This...

Ever since we graduated from Duluth we made it a tradition to go back every year for a visit. This time it was for my birthday and the weather was unusually warm for mid-November.

After a lazy morning in the canal it was time to make the trek up the shore to one of our favorite hiking spots, Gooseberry Falls. The sun was shining as we pulled into the parking lot and made our way toward the Falls. As we made the hike along the falls towards the lake, we would setup the camera on a rock or railing and take a timer picture to capture the two of us on another one of our adventures.

As we made our way along the falls down to the shores of Lake Superior the crowds started to thin. The sun was beginning to set and the awe of the lake shore was amazing, this was one of my favorite places.

After taking some time to admire the scenery, I was ready to head to our next destination. He asked to take one last picture on a quiet piece of land overlooking the lake. We were going to stand in front of the lake and capture a picture of the sun setting in the background. He was setting up the camera on a nearby picnic bench. He asked me to move left and then right again...what was taking so long I wondered? Finally, he set the timer and ran towards me. I was so focused on the blinking timer light that I hardly noticed that he was down on one knee. As I turned to see what he was doing, I found him on one knee next to me with a ring. And with the flash of the camera he said, "will you marry me"..