My Engagement Story!!


Getting Engaged is such a exciting time. A time where words can't express how a girl's something a girl dreams about all her life and here's my story
I drove out to Winnipeg the weekend my parents left for a month trip to the south. Wes had planned we'd go out for supper and spend going to a movie and spending time together.
WE got ready and he seemed a little nervous and didn't talk as much as usual. WE apporached our resturant which was Montana's one of my favorite resturants. We got a nice booth table and ordered our meal. WE sat there talking and at one moment WEs asked me " Janelle, can I make you happy? and I said yes....He said I'll make you happy if you can make me happy for the rest of my life." he got down on one knee and in his hand held a velvet box with the most beautiful ring in it that I've ever seen. I said yes and he got up and we hugged...with tears in my eyes..the staff took our picture and all started to clap.
It was my dream come true!!