Miner Engagement

Meghann and I have know each other for years, since she first came to college. We have been best friends for all nine years that we have know each other, and a few years back we decided to take the gamble, risk it all, and date. We have been very comfortable with each others families for a long time, and it had been brought up on several occasions buy both of our families how we would be or are great for each other. This led to the occasional humorous attempts to ask why we haven't moved to the next step...getting engaged.

I used this push to try to make the best possible proposal scenario possible. I am a graphic designer and a printer. I pulled a few favors with various clients, including one for our new professional baseball team in which we were awarded a contract to do their printing.

I sent Meghann and one of her friends to the game with the companies season tickets. Little did she know that a number of our friends and family from all over the country had rented out the outfield to view the planned big event.

With the help of the ballpark, we rigged a raffle for only her and her friend to enter to throw the opening pitch for the game that day. I was waiting for her in the dugout with the team wearing full catcher's gear (position of choice due to its face mask as a disguise). I approached home plate and she had no clue that it was me she was getting ready to throw out the pitch to. I had the ball boy a few steps away from me with a customized baseball with a diamond ring placed into a slot on the side of the ball and wrote a message on the sweet spot saying "Will you marry me?"

After she threw out the pitch I quickly switched out the ball, and approached her to give her what she thought was a souvenir. Elvis' "It's now or never" began to play on the stadiums sound system. The cameras were rolling, the stadiums jumbotron was queued up to catch all the action of an event for the crowd of over 5000 to see.

I pulled off my catchers mask, she didn't believe that it really could have been me, and I dropped to one knee. Filled with excitement she burst into tears, jumped up and down, and after the question was popped, she grabbed the mic from out host "Wild Bill", and screamed yes at the top of her lungs (loud enough that people in the parking lot would have been able to hear!)

I was glad that everything worked as planned...everyone did their part to pull off this complex idea. There was about three months involved in the planning, and all the details, but her reaction that she gave me would have been worth it even if it took years to make it happen.