Midnight Diamond

Well, to begin you need a little bit of background. I'd told my boyfriend of almost two years that I wanted our family and friends around when/if he ever asked me to marry him. I'd also said that he had to ask my dad, since my parents are old-fashioned like that. Also we started dating May 1st, so we always had a slight celebration on every first of every month. Well... I was expecting him to ask at Christmas. But no such luck. When we began talking about a New Years party, he said we should hold one with just close friends and family. I didn't catch it then, which looking back now I feel kind of dumb about that, but I agreed. So I invited a ton of friends and our family. Everyone was poured a glass of champagne or sparkling cider as the clock ticked towards midnight. We all gathered around and people got cameras ready (again another hint I missed). When midnight came everyone toasted. He then popped the question! It was a night I will NEVER forget!