Marriage Proposal Planner Gets A Surprise of Her Own!

Stacey Asaro is a Marriage Proposal Planner in New Orleans, LA. Her company, Project Proposal, helps create and plan unique engagement stories for clients around the world. Little did she know her very own surprise proposal was being secretly designed!

Stacey's boyfriend, Alec, told her that they were invited to an engagement party at Celebration in the Oaks located in City Park, New Orleans. When Stacey and Alec first arrived, they took a stroll through the magical, illuminated gardens and Alec proceeded to tell Stacey how, why and when he fell for her. Alec then lead her around a corner of twinkling lights and BAM!There, under a huge mossy oak tree was a stunning setup with candles and three singers who began to sing the song they danced to on their first date, "Ooo Baby, Baby" by Smokey Robinson. Alec proceeded to bend down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. After Stacey jumped and shouted "Yes" over 100 bystanders began cheer! It truly was an enchanting evening-Who would have thought...a marriage proposal planner beat at her own game!