Im Engaged!

My favorite time of year is Christmas!My boyfriend and I got together March 24th, 2010.He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.I'm so blessed to have him in my life.Because my family is so big we had Christmas on Christmas Eve.So he gave me all my presents that day.The next day (Christmas)his mother invited us over for dinner and we were going to do Christmas with her.So he brings in the fairly big box which he had told me was his mothers but handed it to me.He told me to opened it and I was so shocked I didnt expect anymore gifts from him. I open it up and it's a pretty wooden and glass jewelry box with a heart on it.I was so happy but mad because he had got me another gift.He says,"Its great for holding rings and things".So he opens the door and there was ring in it!I immediately burst into tears.I never expected he would have done something so sweet.We made it official to our family and friends December 28th, 2010.