I love her

Laraine and I met 7 years ago. We have been through more things in life than a married couple of 25 years have had. Being that she and I are different religions, it has been a tough road for us. We had the whole world against us....in most situations a muslim girl like her marrying a catholic is well you can imagine! It would have been easier to "walk away" from the whole situation. We didn't. No matter what was going to happen, we wanted no one else but each other. And in life, you want it...you gotta get it. The idea of me wearing a white dress standing next to him was not so impossible to me anymore.....it felt right no matter how many people thought it was wrong. I didn't see race, religion or color. We saw LOVE. Christmas morning, my persian cat Leila went upstair to Laraine and I room and started to PURR PURR. I stand by the door hidden. She kept rubbing herself on Laraine, and just purring. She looked down to give her a kiss when she saw a Gorgeous diamond ring tied to Leila
collar!! As soon as went to reach it, I turned and said "will you continue to be my bestfriend, will you marry me" It was beautiful. And to have Leila involved was even better! She said yes, of course....we are getting married in Puerto Rico in October of this year! Im happy because i love her so much