How i got engaged

It all started on a royal caribbean cruise.. 2 week long cruise all around beautiful oceans from puerto rico.. to jamaica.. to st marteen!! so many more islands.. but getting to whats important; i met kyle while he was bartending at a bar on the cruise ship. as soon as we laid eyes on eachother, we knew right then and there that we were soulmates; it was the connection we shared that was so strong and powerful. nothing and no one came inbetween us. it was like it was only the 2 of us in a bar with over 100 people. no one else mattered to me but him and no one else mattered to him but 7 magical days spent with him turned into such a deep love that neither of us could be apart from eachother. so he proposed on the 8th day... we were both on the top deck, watching the sunset, and it was the most beautiful romantic proposal ever. i couldnt even dream up something this romantic. he blind folded me and took me a couple steps down from the top deck onto 5 dozen of rose petals and a bottle of champagne. so he poured me a glass and himself one and he looked into my eyes and said "tara, i've never been hit so hard before with love and i knew from the second i laid eyes on u that u were my soulmate and the one i am to spend forever with, will u marry me and spend the rest of ur life with me??? u are the reason i wake up, ur the reason i cant fall asleep because i cant stop thinking aboutu and mosti mportantly ur the reason i breathe because every breath i take is for u... be with me forever, i cant even imagine what life would be like without u,.. i will do whatever it takes to be with u and i am determined to come live with u in pittsburgh because u are the one i plan to be with ... so will u marry me" I said yes! ... and for ur information those were his exact words, because i love him that much i remembered every single word he proposed.. thats our story. basically i finally found my happy ending. my life is complete now with him in it