Hell To Heaven In One Day

This past June on our vacation in Honduras, it began as the most horrible day I'd ever experienced. Jay and I woke early and went on a hike through the jungle. It was 95 degrees and humid, when we returned, we jumped in the pool to cool off. All of a sudden, we see a man walk out through the trees next door (just 10 yards from us) and shoot a gun into the air three times -- POW POW POW. He was obviously a native, and with a menacing look, in light of another vacation home having been broken into the day before, we were sure it was a bandit (remember -- we're a mile into the jungle on a dirt road, very vulnerable situation!) Jay threw himself in front of me and told me to run into the house, which I did. He followed me in, and suddenly five more shots rang out just outside my bedroom window. I was now hysterical, I thought for sure we were going to be killed. Minutes later, our property manager bounded up the stairs to tell us to relax - it was the police - and that shooting guns in the air was their way of showing the bad guys that they were present.

Within an hour of this situation, I noticed there were big bees on the screen of the guest bedroom. I am allergic (even brought a new epi pen), so that made me nervous. I called Jay who investigated, only to learn that the bees where INSIDE, and that there was a HUGE SWARM outside the house. Within 20 minutes, they were mobilizing to come IN the house.....

Our property manager told us we had to leave the house, and that he was giving us another one for the remainder of our trip. While upset, we agreed, packed and moved to Milton Bight. (by the time we finished packing, hundreds of bees were inside) I have to say while the first house was beautiful, surrounded by jungle, this house is RIGHT on the beach, with a dock right in front, with a scuba shop the next street over. So we settled in, jumped in the car, arranged for equipment and tanks and set out to dive the reef off of the house, and put the awful day behind us.

Sitting on the dock at sunset in my wetsuit, waiting to gear up to get in the water, Jay suddenly strips off the top of his wet suit. "What are you doing? It's getting dark, we have to get in the water!" I said, somewhat irritated. He mumbled something about his bathing suit being "all jacked up"...and then suddenly to my shock, he was on one knee, with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand -- asking me to give him the honor of marrying him! It was so beautiful and romantic, I'll never forget his eyes and the sweet way he asked me, choking back tears, telling me from the moment he met he knew this day would come.