Firehouse Christmas Eve Proposal

Christmas eve 2008, my boyfriend is a volunteer firefighter in our town. Every Christmas eve, the firehouse has a "Santa Run" where they have Santas go around the neighborhood on the fire trucks and give out candy to the kids. I was having Christmas eve dinner with my parents and his family. My boyfriend called and said that they were coming down our street in a little bit and to come outside to watch. So we all went outside. Staring down the street, finally bright headlights come into view, then big flashy red lights. Lights and sirens starting blaring and down the street to the front of our house, came the chiefs truck and 3 fire engines blaring their sirens. They stopped in front of the house blocking the whole street off. All of the firefighters and 4 Santas got off the trucks. The Santas surround me asking me what I want for Christmas and of course I said nothing. A few minutes passed by and around the corner came my boyfriend. He gave his speech about how we were together for 7 years and its been the best 7 years of his life and nothing could ever stand in our way and with that said, will you marry me. I yelled out "of course". Everybody starts clapping and yelling and the fire horns starting blaring. It was really a goosebump experience.