Emmah and Me

I had planned it for like 4 months completely unknown to my girlfriend, Emma, of course. It was on our 8th year anniversary of dating and I took her down to Mombasa Island to a restaurant that was in a hotel (Mamba Village) - great food that overlooked a private beach the resort owned.

So we ate dinner and I was totally smiling at her the entire time and she couldn't stop giggling, it was too cute! So we finished the meal and I told her that there was a surprise back at our house and that's what I was excited about. Well I had her completely convinced that we were going home, so we got in the car after dinner and start driving down the street, When we came to a round-about that takes you off the little island, I kept going around it then headed back to the hotel!!

So we pulled into the parking lot and she was completely confused wondering why we returned and I said to her that we were staying there for 3 days! She was so excited because we had never really gone on a trip like that. Little did she know that I had packed her bags, which were hidden in the back seat. We went into the hotel and headed straight to the room. When we got to the door and I told her to close her eyes. She had a hint of what was about to transpire as she started to tear up as she closed her eyes.

I led her into the room. And when she opened her eyes, the room was filled with roses and candles and I was on my knee asking her to marry me. It was the best night of my life, the roses even had little cards in them that read "Will you marry me?" - sweetest thing EVER."