Early Morning Christmas Surprise 2008

It's 5 a.m. Christmas morning, after a long Christmas eve night at my familys house,
I was awaken by my Boyfriend as he walked into the room. Being as tired as I was,
I thought nothing about his early arrivement to my house.

After falling back into a light sleep, I head a very light careing voice saying,
"Babe, wake up... its Christmas... I have something for you..." as im gently being
shook awake. I opened my eyes to see him kneeling down on the floor by my night
stand, his hand in his coat pocket.

"Listen babe, I know you tired, so lets talk a few mins so you can wake up fully for
your present..."

"Oh, okay?" I answered confusedly. We had only been together five months before this
amazing day, but it felt like years. We had know each other as close friends from work
and other activites in our lives for about four years.

"We're young, right? We have a whole lifetime to spend together. I know that seems like
a long time compared to the short five months we've been together. And I just want you
to know that I love you very much and that I always will no matter what."

"I love you too hun, but what are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about our lives, our futures..."

"Okay... I got tha-"

"Brittany, Will you marry me?" He quickly said as he pulled that little black box out of
his pocket ever girl wants to see when she knows she has found the right person. He
opened it and showed me the ring I was to recieve upon giving him the right answer.
The only answer in my mind.

"YES!" I shouted queitly... trying to be to loud and awake my roomates and their sleeping
infant. He looked at me more loveing than I have ever seen him look at me with the biggest
grin on his face. He pulled the ring outta the black box and held my left hand in his right hand
and slid my new ring on my ring finger. He then Kissed it and quckily kissed me on my lips.

Excited for the following hours, days, weeks, months I bragged about it showing off my ring.
Our famlies were/are so happy we made this step in out relationship. Every time I get a chance
to just sit and look at my ring, or my groom-to-be I can't help myself but to smiling and remebering
this wonderful day and think about the many days to come with my beloved.