Disneyland Hotel Wedding Ceremony Site

On December 19th, 2011 I had the idea to use our annual passes and visit Disneyland to have a romantic date night. Unknowingly, I was setting myself up for a proposal.

Before going into the park I suggested we go to the Disneyland Hotel's garden area, near the pool. There had been construction going on for over a year and we were unable to visit a gazebo (our romantic spot) for a while.

When we arrived at the pool area we were pleased to see that the construction was finished, but soon found out our gazebo had been removed. Apparently, the gazebo was his Plan C.

Plan B was to propose at Snow White's Wishing Well, located next to the Castle. Plan A was to propose on Christmas in front of family. He never counted on how it really happened.

After realizing the gazebo was gone, we decided to visit the other gazebo, a bigger one, located in a ceremony setting. We visited this place everytime we came, but it wasn't "ours" like the other gazebo had been.

We stood in front of it and I made a joke, telling him to picture our wedding party set up behind us. Then, I took my promise ring off and gave it to him, laughing, and telling him to pretend it was the time where he would say "with this ring..." At this point he put my promise ring in his pocket.

In the weeks leading up to this day he had been teasing me, pretending to propose randomly at our apartment. So at this point, seeing him put my ring in his pocket and smiling, I smiled back at him and rolled my eyes, playfully telling him to shut up.

It wasn't until he was down on one knee, holding a lit up Robbins Brothers box, that I knew it was the real deal. He asked me to marry him and, through hands that covered my mouth in surprise and tears that began spilling down my face, I said yes.

He was so pleased with the way that it had turned out and was glad that he brought the ring with him on this night, "just in case the moment came."