Christmas Lights in the daylight

Saturday morning on December 8th 2007. Andy had returned from China the day before and since we had been apart for a while, to show his love, he said he was going to make me breakfast. I woke up first and from his slumber, he said not to eat and that he was going to cook. First he needed to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Unbeknownst to me, he was actually going to the jewelers to get my ring! He was gone for a while, so I called him to find out where he was, and his excuse was he was looking for ice melt. Apparently he was "having a hard time finding some".

Finally back home, he began his culinary skills. Eggs were frying, bacon was sizzling, and potatoes were baking. I think out of nervousness he was cooking things a little too quickly and things began to burn. Pretty much everything except the potatoes burnt. That's because I was in charge of the potatoes!

While we were airing out the house from all the smoke that occurred, and quieted the smoke detectors he began to tell me that he had put up some Christmas lights the night before and asked if I wanted to see them. My first thought was that it was daytime and why not wait until night time. He insisted that I would be able to see and to go upstairs and look out the bedroom window. (I hadn't even questioned why he put them out in the back yard). So up I went, and he turned them on. So I look......and look.....and look.....hmmm?? What does it say? I see an M. Maybe Merry Christmas? I tell him that I can't read it and we should just look at night. I didn't realize it then, but Andy walked away with a disappointed look on his face. I continued to look out the window and shortly after I FINALLY realized what it said. "Marry Me?" So, with tears falling at a rate of many, I ran down the stairs with determination in my voice and said "What does that say?" At this point, Andy had moved on to plan B which was to throw my ring box in the egg carton in the fridge and asked me to get him some eggs. Annoyed that he didn't answer my question, I asked "Why do you need eggs!?" I go to the fridge and there in front of me next to the Grade A Extra Large was my ring box. Now the tears are really falling! After pulling out the box, Andy finally asks "Will you marry me?" and of course I replied with a big YES!

Some may ask why he didn't wait until night to turn on the lights, but we were not going to be alone that evening, hence why it occurred in the a.m. He actually wanted to do it the night before, but my ring wasn't ready yet.

I treasure everything that happened that day. Breakfast buring, unable to read what the lights said. It all just made it a more memorable moment.

We're set to be married on May 23rd 2008 at the Valley of Fire in Nevada.