Christmas Eve Engagement

My Story

My name is Trisha Mesimer. I first met Angelo Martinez at a basement poker party that my brother was holding in my parents basement. He seemed really sweet and easy to get along with. Shortly after the poker party I went through a rough and rocky divorce. After talking with my parents, brother and Angelo about how I was going to manage my finances, my brother quickly came up with an idea. He said that Angelo was looking for a new apartment. So why don't he just move in with you? I quickly agreed. Needless to say the next day I had me a roomate. To make a long story short, the whole "roomate" thing lasted for less than a week.

My engagement

On Sunday December 24th, 2006 Angelo Martinez proposed to me. It was so sweet. We were at my Mom and Dad's house opening up our Christmas presents when Angelo went over to the Christmas tree and said Honey can you help me get this gift out? It's your's but it's to heavy for me to get by myself. So I went over to him to help. As soon as I got there he reached beside the tree and said, hang on a minute, I think I got it. Next thing you know he had a little black box in his hands. When he opened it, I immediately began crying. I cried for atleast 5 minutes before he finally had the chance to ask me if I would marry him. But when he did, I replied, YES. OMG YES. It was so special to me because my family was there to witness the whole thing and because I know he is that special one that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Not to mention, it was Christmas Eve. How romantic is that?