Proposal Advice

The Wedding Budget – Who Pays for What?

The idea that a couple’s parents should cover the entire expense of their wedding has become an old fashioned one, and many couples, especially if they are a little older or are arranging their second

Top Tips for a Unique Marriage Proposal

When you propose to your girlfriend is should be a truly special moment that the two of you will be able to reminisce happily about for the rest of your lives.

The First Steps in Planning a Wedding

So the champagne has been sipped, the ring has been shown around, and congratulations have poured in, but now the reality hits; you actually have to plan a wedding.

Wedding Proposal Checklist

Popping the question to your girlfriend might not seem like a complex operation, but there are quite a lot of factors to consider before you drop down on one knee.

What to Say When You Propose

Many men put a huge amount of thought into the location and the timing of their proposal but forget to prepare anything to say when they ask that all important question.

Where to Propose in Orlando

The majority of visitors to Orlando Florida come for the fabulous theme parks, whether that’s Walt Disney World Resort with the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Theme Park, Universal Orlando complete with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or SeaWorld Orlando with amazing animal encounters.

Where to Propose in San Francisco

San Francisco, affectionately known as everybody’s favourite city, is the perfect place for a proposal getaway. With amazing scenery, both natural and manmade, fabulous food, and a rich mix of cultures that give the city a unique vibrancy, there’s no better place to pop the question.

Where to Propose in Las Vegas

If it’s glitz and glamour you want for your proposal location, Las Vegas is hard to beat. From the excitement of the strip with its outrageously opulent casino hotels and fine restaurants, to the natural beauty of the surrounding area, Las Vegas as everything you need for a truly memorable proposal and more.

How To Make An Engagement Ring

If you're feeling creative and want to put a little extra heart and soul in that ring she'll wear on her finger forever, maybe you should consider making your own engagement ring!

Where to Propose in London

To some people London may not seem the obvious place for a romantic proposal. The weather is unpredictable, and the hustle and bustle of the capital city can be overwhelming. However most people who have visited London will tell you there is a buzz and an energy to it that makes it truly unique, and in a city so full of history, fashion, art, and culture there are bound to be plenty of exceptional places to ask that all important question.