Choose a handle that suits your grip and smoothly slice your viennas, wholemeals, ryes or sourdough as well as soft fruit such as tomatoes that need a delicate touch. This tool is incredibly versatile and its jagged edge makes it ideal for cutting everything from fruit to winter vegetables and cake. Not all bread knives are created equal. a bread knife is used to cut through tough loaves of bread leaving few crumbs unlike most other knives. A bread knife can be used to cut many different kinds of bread. The MAC Superior bread knife receives top grades for its outstanding sharpness, efficient design, and ease of use. A bread knife will make it easier to cut through fresh, homemade bread. What Others Are Saying. We’ve tried paring knives, x-acto knives, chef’s knives, and we’ve finally landed on serrated knives as making the best and cleanest cut. 1. The blade of a bread knife is 8 to 10 inches long. Join us for a look at how these sawtooth sensations work, what types of serrations are best, how to sharpen them, and our recommendations for the models that give the best performance – and value. 5. Choose a cutting board large enough to fit your entire bread loaf onto the surface. The bread knife I always choose is a cheap, flexible one we’ve had for years. The knife's long serrated blade works well to slice through food that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside, such as slicing through the hard crusts of bread. Use a wooden cutting board. But two of those are so important to the day-to-day functioning of my life, I can’t imagine living without one. Anne Bourget. A serrated knife is good at one thing – cutting without downward pressure. That one trait makes the bread knife useful for both squishy, delicate foods and very firm, tough foods. Despite serrated edges that often look nearly indistinguishable, only a couple of the many knives we tested aced all their tests. Let’s cut right to the chase: There are only like four ways to use a bread knife. Use a bread knife to cut perfect slices from soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes or citrus without covering your cutting board in juices. May 30, 2012 7:58pm. A good bread knife is a versatile blade that makes slicing loaves, tomatoes, and other foods a joyous exercise. Slashing the Tops of Loaves – In bread baking, you need to make a shallow cut in the top to allow it expand evenly in the oven. If it only sees the light of day when cutting bread then you've been missing out. The following notes are compiled from the most frequent comments of verified purchasers at Amazon. A bread knife can make it easier to slice bread without flattening or squishing it. How often do you use a serrated knife? This (or its close cousin, the Torijo) is by far the best bread knife for most people. It’s Swedish and it will cut any bread beautifully. Then I bought a 10-inch Wusthof Classic bread knife, which is a world of difference.