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Photo: Elevate Photography Few occasions are more sacred and momentous than an individual’s wedding day. One traditional custom states that the groom should have his feet beaten with fish and canes the night before his wedding …

8 Weird Wedding Night Traditions In Different Countries 1. This means that the bride and groom have to hold their pee and poop for three days in a row. Virginity Test. Tag: weird wedding night traditions. Here's a glimpse of what used to be, …

Want to know what it was like in much simpler times?

The fact is, times are changing, and weddings are far from exempt.


With all the emerging trends of extravagant parties and out of this world themed nights, all that we have left from Lebanese wedding traditions is the white dress and the dabke nowadays.
With that in mind, we combed through ancient and recent history to find some of the most old-fashioned traditions that simply are not today's norm, like the fact that a bride once was not even allowed to give a toast at her own reception (sad, but true), or what it actually entailed for a bride to wear "something borrowed." This may seem quite “weird” to those who have never heard of such a wedding ceremony, but the purpose behind this approach to the marriage ceremony is actually quite revealing of how Mormons feel about the family. By Timo Shihepo Posted on December 28, 2019.

France banging on the first night, this isn't the kind of banging a couple would expect on their wedding night. In Italy, the garter is taken off by the groom, in a special moment at the end of the wedding dinner and thrown to the wedding guests.
... the wedding night tradition begins even before the wedding.

Unlike most churches, some Mormon marriage ceremonies are not open to non-Mormons. If they do use the bathroom during this period of time, they believe that it will bring terrible luck to the marriage. Diamond rings, wedding dresses, and The garter dates back to the 14 th century when it was thought that wearing the wisp of lace would bring the Bride good luck. Marriage traditions, much like other traditions, not only differ from places to places across the globe but can... 2 / 16. But there are some unique traditions from around the world that are all about the groom, however, some of them aren’t very pleasant! Jaimie Mackey was the Brides real weddings editor from 2013 to 2015.

5 Weird Wedding Traditions in Africa. The 10 most interesting & unusual wedding traditions around the world Posted on February 23, 2019 June 4, 2019. Interfering elders: If you think your parents are nosy, then,you must read about this tradition. 15 weird wedding rituals from all across the globe that will stun you 1 / 16.

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When we look around, there are approximately 190 countries in the world.

There is a weird tradition in India which is more based …