Today we focus on Monster Sanctuary, an upcoming game developed by Sersch7. Monster Sanctuary is a Mons Series RPG combined with a 2D Metroidvania platformer, with each tamed monster having special abilities to traverse the world.

I made a tier list for PvP for fun. Using monsters' personal skills to progress is especially cool imo. Nautilid. It is a Light Armor Set that is part of One Tamriel, and has 4 Bonuses. Vaero 蒼鴨 . G'rulu. Been flying my Vaero a ton.

Valguero is the first Expansion Map with a roaming Boss, the Broodmother. The main task is to gather bloodthirsty monsters into your team, which will become your invincible army.

Bug Reports. Blind is useful, so is the shields. The Monster Sanctuary has a taste of Pokemon + Metroidvania + Fantasy. The game has been released on Steam, and it is now the Early Access stage (at 2019/09/01). Works well with age teams, works well with shield burst teams.

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It is an RPG that collect monsters, train them, and explore the world! Vampire Lord. Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; You Might Also Like. BTW, pvp's a lot of fun, so I hope more people try it! Amin Naeri (aminnaeri1) Denten (denten1) Haden Krans (wadzinsky) Kragoron (kragoron) LeSighDuck (lesighduck) LethargicCoffee (lethargiccoffee) Sersch (sersch2) Snipzy (snipzy1) Snoovahkiin (snoovahkiin) Vestarian (vestarian) Zaphod (zaphod_apk) tnt378 (tnt378) valnor (valnor280) xAdas117 … Can work as a second monster to act, with Sonic Wave, or as your third monster to finish with, with Sonic Assault, Air Sickles, or maybe Fiery Shot.

I left out the three non-eagle spirit mons because I don't have those. As the ancient familiar of your bloodline, it will guide you along your quest to become a Monster Keeper and save the Monster Sanctuary.. After you have selected your spectral familiar, you can collect more monsters. Tier List for pvp. SS. Valguero is also the first map to have an underground ocean, known as The Abyss, in addition to its lake, where the ceiling is rock, you can't swim to the surface for Oxygen, and dangerous creatures like Tusoteuthis spawn. Monster Sanctuary — pixel adventure in an unusual world that will give you positive emotions from the passage. Hits hard and applies debuffs. Developed by Moi Rai Games, and published by Team17 Digital Ltd., an Early Access build of the game was released through Steam on 28 Aug, 2019.. You play as the latest in your family's lineage of Monster Keepers, people with the ability … This game is developed from scratch, rather than … Continue reading #FeatureFriday – Monster Sanctuary → Written by Logan October 26th, 2018 3:51 AM Hey, I'm 'strawquilt' in game. Vaero 蒼鴨 .

Bind on Equip. Mons are ordered within tiers (so higher up is stronger).