Beautiful bully kutta big bone healthy all injections done excellent with the family brilliant with my kids she listens to all commands great dog best around in uk you will not find a better tulla bully kutta like her. Resurrecting the Ancient Asiatic Mastiff (aka Purana Bhooli Kutta) in the United Kingdom (UK). or. I'm not saying there are not breeders that are breeding a consistent type, but as a whole there is no consistent standard, in Indian they have 6 different names … The Pakistani Bully Kutta is a very intelligent and noble breed, It’s a very good personality dog.

They are pure old school heavily wrinkled , sunken eyes dogs and are purest to the cores. We expose breeders who cross breed their BKs and sell the mutt pups as genuine BK Body wise they range from Great Dane to Bully type in appearance. I keep getting asked this and although it's on many of the posts that I own Bully Kutta I fail to see the importance.

Not Now. Bully Kutta Dog Breed Information Chafik. On the other hand the Bully Kutta, there are lines that the head looks anywhere from Great Dane, to Neo, to EM, to Bully, and even ones that have a Fila type head. Pet Breeder in London, United Kingdom. This dog was bred for hunting and fighting and is not suitable for first-time owners. Race : CHIEN DE BERGER DES SHETLAND . Tag: tulla bully kutta Bully Kutta. 509 likes. is a rare dog and very large-thick-boned with a muscular structure which makes him the 4 Strongest Dog Breeds in the World see the list Here. The Bully Kutta is an extremely dog-aggressive mastiff. Koiralla on ihan sama tarve tulla hyväksytyksi, saada syödäkseen ja pysyä hengissä, lisääntyä, oli se minkä rotuinen tahansa.

They are thick-boned with a muscular structure, a broad head, and the tail tapering to a fine point [2] [6]. Type : Anglais. Their eyes are almond-shaped and ears erect but are often cropped.

Curren... See More. Properly raised dogs do well with kids and can become an excellent family pet. The Bully Kutta also knows is the beast from the east is an alaunt type mastiff. Caractéristiques de race. The Bully Kutta or Pakistani Bully also knows as the beast from the east. You can train them in many ways from their easy days like crate training, socialization, behavioral training, and obedience training. Create New Account.

The Bully Kuttas have a litter size of about 3-5 puppies. Signaler cette page Ce chien m'appartient. The pups are intelligent, cute and easy to train. Couleur : Noir tricolore. Miksei Bully kuttaa? Well raised Bully Kutta are good with kids, dogs, other animals, are very loving and playful. This is tiny aged between 2-5 months, there will be more added. A Bully Kutta also know as Pakistani Mastiff is an aggressive large dog breed from India and Pakistan.