Find event and registration information. It begins with the idea that everyone has the capacity to act in the “theater” of their own lives; everybody is … Image Theatre: An Introduction to Theatre of the Oppressed Through games and warm up exercises, participants will be introduced to Augusto Boal’s ‘Image Theatre’ technique. The book explores how Theatre of the Oppressed Theater of the Oppressed is an arsenal of theater techniques and games that seeks to motivate people, restore true dialogue, and create space for participants to rehearse taking action.

Introduction to Theater of the Oppressed We've heard art can be a force for social change but are unaware of vehicles to facilitate this type of art.

is a form of popular community-based education that uses theater as a tool for social change. INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED. Introduction to Theater of the Oppressed (RSED 4036) Dates & Times: Tues 7:10-10:00pm Venue: Fireside room Instructor: Jiwon Chung ( Course Description Theater of the Oppressed (TO) is a collection of games, techniques, exercises for using art and theater as a vehicle for personal and social change. This book provides an accessible introduction to the political and artistic principles Boal's techniques are founded upon and traces their legacy today through examples of exemplary practice from around the globe.

Eventbrite - D.I.V.E. This workshop introduces attendees to an applied theater that aids resurrecting the voice of those to often silenced in situations that matter, Theater of the Oppressed… This workshop is an introduction to the sociopolitical activist forms that make up the arsenal of the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO): a collection of games, techniques, and exercises that use theatre as a vehicle for personal and social change. Augusto Boal (1931-2009) is internationally known as a Writer, Director and Teacher. Theatre of the Oppressed What is Theatre of the Oppressed? As created by Brazilian theatre visionary and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Augusto Boal (1931-2009), Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) In Image Theatre, audiences or participants investigates and explores the issues of oppression by using non-verbal expression, such as using their's and other participant's bodies to create and demonstrate images that can express their feelings, thoughts, issues or moments.Therefore, each participant will have its own interpiation on the same issue that was brought into mind. It is a method that harnesses the laboratory of the theatre as a powerful tool for exploring power, transforming oppression… Augusto Boal was a Brazilian theatre practitioner and founder of ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’, a form that seeks to empower participants to create social change in their own communities. Augusto Boal – Theatre of the Oppressed Founder.