In Thailand and in Arab countries never point your shoe/foot to another person. The shoe/foot is the unclean part of your body.

In many … So, in case you make a mistake, see 10 Cultural Do’s and Taboos: Chatting Around the World to be prepared with a quick change of topic! catalonia - a cultural history My mother was born in Barcelona but left, never to return, when she was a child just before the Spanish Civil War. Indeed, the culture of Spain is far more complicated than it looks and the country is now one of the most liberal in Europe, having long escaped from Franco’s imposed time warp. That makes me half Catalan and I’ve visited Barcelona many times over the years, but mainly only for 1-2 days on business. The most local representative of national government is the secretario local, or civil recorder, in each municipality. Cultural Tips for Spain – including … to circa 475 C.E. ) Spain Travel Tips – Dos and DONTs | Spain is a great and enjoyable country to visit and the Spanish are very patriotic and proud of their heritage. Taboos are a part of the culture. This site offers free and paid for business culture guides and - please complete this short survey to help us improve, Thank you!

Awareness is the first step when it comes to cultural do’s and taboos for Spain and tips for intercultural communication! History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. There is enormous pride and interest in the heritage of Spanish art and the Spanish government support all forms of art and humanities which are reflected in their museums, universities and professional academies. In Thailand, don't touch the head of someone older than you, or, in general, don't touch the head at all. Kwintessential has a guide to culture… y or i in Catalan), the first being their father’s and the second their mother’s. Some customs and taboos: * When eating in company, you don’t start eating before everybody has their dish. In America, certain things are taboo and considered not appropriate for casual conversation. I never knew true regret until I had my first proper night out in Madrid, and found myself re-emerging into the world at the ripe hour of 7am. 2. 3. Learn the Business Culture in Spain by reading about xenophobia, cultural taboos, educational standards and other issues such as transport infrastructure. 20 Cultural Taboos 1. It’s important to keep in mind that as we homogenize as a ‘global culture’, cultural tendencies change and evolve as well. It can do more harm than good if things are going wrong. Municipalities might cover one or more villages, depending on local geography, and there is a recent trend toward consolidation. 5. Spain is not a meeting culture. The Romani people are a distinct ethnic and cultural group of peoples living all across the globe, who share a family of languages and sometimes a traditional nomadic mode of life.

In Chinese culture, some of the most common taboos involve gift-giving, birthdays, and weddings. -Don’t talk about independence of regions like Catalunya or Euskadi (Basque Country). When a woman marries she may drop her mother’s name and … The culture and tradition of this beautiful country is rich, colorful, and unique. Family surnames are often confusing to foreigners, as the Spanish often have two surnames (possibly linked by ‘and’, e.g. Follow Us A community … Spanish surnames. Every culture has its own taboos, and it is important to remain aware of them when traveling or encountering another culture to ensure you don't commit a social faux-pas. So it is extremely important to know some information about the local customs and the governing laws in order to fit in and respect those around you, also avoid any kind of crime or harm. Standing too far away during conversation or moving the hands a lot while speaking is also not appropriate, even if the Spanish person models the behavior. Guide to travel, doing business, and studying in Spain - culture, greetings, gestures, etiquette, taboos, negotiations, gift-giving, and more. The lifestyle of the people and the natural beauty attracts many tourists.

The Spanish business culture is extremely hierarchical, and only bosses, known as "el jefe" … Learn about Spain: Spanish business culture; Xenophobia: being a foreigner in Spain; International business in Spain; General education; Educational standards; Other issues; Cultural taboos; Spain extends 505,182 km 2 over the Iberian Peninsula to the southwest of Europe. You can eat before everybody else if the other people tell you to do it. Personal qualities are valued over technical ability, professionalism or competence. catalonia - a cultural history My mother was born in Barcelona but left, never to return, when she was a child just before the Spanish Civil War. While bars in America close at 2am, most people in Spain don’t even start their night until then. I hope that after reading this blog you will also have a better understanding of the cultural taboos in China.

With so many varying customs around the world, it can be tough to correctly mind your manners. Follow Us A community built resource for … Cultural taboos in Spain include being overly friendly or engaging in close body contact with someone, such as hugging or patting someone's back, who isn't a close friend or family member.