Question / Help. Sterilization in Islam. Tube ligation is prohibited since it may result in sterilization, which is forbidden in Islam and which constitutes undeniable harm for the woman undergoing the procedure. Therefore it has to be viewed separately. 7. Thus it is a very early abortion, which is prohibited in Islam.

Some “scholars” out of ignorance permit this temporary method of family planning without knowing its detail. Images have been added by the Muslim Heritage team.

Life itself is sacred, and it is therefore forbidden to … A long time ago, men used to undergo castration. While people generally consider cleanliness or purification a desirable aspect, but Islam insists on it, making hygiene an essential part of faith. Edit: Grammar.

Sterilization in men, known as a vasectomy, involves the severing or blocking of the tube in the male reproductive tract.

Sterilization in Islam.

i know that it is done to women so that they cannot have. "We provide sustenance for them and for you” (6:151, 17:31). u/GiGaN00B. Virtually all scholars consider allowances for the mother’s health, and most allow for at least some forms of birth control when it is a mutual decision by husband and wife. Mussallam, B (1978). This article was originally published in the Tarikh-e Elm Magazine as “Water Sterilization Technology in the History of Arabic / Islamic Sciences”. Compulsory sterilization, also known as forced or coerced sterilization, is a term used for government-mandated programs which bring about sterilization of people. It is not permissible to mix medicines with alcohol, because alcohol must be thrown away. Introduction. Sterilization which involves a surgical operation is a special case. I found a lot of opinions about this topic, but no facts/fatwas. Not all scholars and sects are in agreement, but the Assembly of Muslim Jurist of America has indirectly addressed part of your question. Images have been added by the Muslim Heritage team.

Uighur Muslim women are being sterilised at internment camps for ethnic and religious minorities in China, according to former detainees.

The most effective and least dangerous method of permanent sterilization is through a vasectomy for a man and the ligation of the fallopian tubes for a woman. Islam places great stress on cleanliness, whether it’s in physical or spiritual terms. The sperm fertilizes the ovum but the zygote formed is destroyed by the Copper-T and is prevented from being implanted on the uterine wall (mother’s womb).