The most desirable color sapphire is blue, and the most desirable shade of blue is referred to as “cornflower blue.” It is neither light nor dark blue. The color of the sapphire is what captivates us, and draws us in for a closer look. The meaning of sapphire stone is symbolize the sky that refer to universal energy. Sapphire symbolism encompasses diverse subjects in many cultures. Sapphire Colors & Varieties In a stunning array of colors and varieties, sapphires can be found in just about every color of the spectrum. Introduction to the Meaning and Uses of White Sapphire. It is believed to be connected with the throat and the conscience, allowing the wearer to access a deeper understanding of oneself through structured thinking. But this is only when the color of the stone has the proper measures of hue, tone, and saturation. Its color is because of the additional trace elements of … Besides its physical appearance that has light to deep pink color, you must understand the meaning behind the pink color itself. Sapphire symbolism encompasses diverse subjects in many cultures. Although it is typically blue, it can also be found in all colors except red.

Sapphire comes in different colors. Smooth, warm and satisfying, this stone is a fun way to introduce a surprising neutral tone in your palette. Color-Change Sapphire. While sapphires have long been associated with the color blue in both folklore and history, sapphire color comes in a variety of hues, except for red (red sapphires are, in fact, rubies). Like rubies, sapphires can come with a natural six rayed star inside, which is called the “star sapphire” and is extremely rare. The sapphire was a preventive of despair and fire; a curative of madness and boils. In early times sapphire meaning believed a destroyer of poison, so that if put into a glass with a spider or venomous reptile it would kill it. In this section, we’ll be exploring the amazing world of sapphires and all the natural colors that represent them, with the following: They will be blue under natural sunlight and purple under incandescent light. Technically, sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, a form of aluminum oxide. Decadent, desirable, and delicious, Chocolate Sapphire is a brown variety of sapphire. The cornflower blue color in these gems has a certain saturated, lazy quality. There are black, green, pink, yellow, orange, dark grey, and violet sapphires.

Sapphire is an aluminum oxide that has a trigonal crystal structure. There are many theories as to how Sapphire got its name. Unlike diamonds, there are no standard "ideal" cuts for sapphires, as each individual sapphire crystal must be custom cut to help the finished gem display the best color and brilliance. [Reading time: 4 min]