DPD v pátek 12.06.2020.

CS28DD - Cold Steel AD-10, Couteau pliant de type Tri-Ad-Lock.Longueur fermé de 12,4 cm.Lame en acier CPM-S35VN.Longueur de lame de 10,16 cm.Epaisseur de lame de 3,8 mm.Plaquettes en G10.Clip réversible.Poids de 190g.Dessiné par Andrew Demko. Balíkovna ve čtvrtek 11.06.2020. Termíny dodání jsou platné, pokud objednáte nyní, 09.06.2020 2:13 a pro 1 ks. This lockback has black G-10 handles with an ambidextrous tip-up pocket clip and a lanyard hole.

Small item in other categories can be included, larger items will require some post cost. It's a manual thumb stud opener. Zavírací nůž COLD STEEL AD-10. Celková délka 22,3 cm. Designer Andrew Demko.

Pocket clip Vpravo/Vlevo. But then it would have to compete with my Recon1 s. The problem with Cold Steel is they already have a number of strong, well made, ergonomic knives that are hard to beat (impossible to beat for the price). Rukojeť G-10. Cold Steel UK » Folding Knives » AD-10 If you're planning a big game hunt, a dangerous expedition, or an exciting adventure and want to carry a high-performance folding knife that won't draw unwanted attention, look no further than Andrew Demko's AD-10.

A very popular discount site owned by another very popular huge ecommerce site had been doing a few rounds of promo for cold steel and AD10 went for $108. It's 4.8" closed, 8.37" overall and weighs 6.9oz. Česká pošta - Balík do ruky ve čtvrtek 11.06.2020.

item 1 Cold Steel Demko AD10 Folder Knife 3.5 in Blade G-10 Handle 28DD - Cold Steel Demko AD10 Folder Knife 3.5 in Blade G-10 Handle 28DD $146.99 Free shipping Zámek LockBack. Délka čepele 9,4 cm.

Délka rukojeti 12,9 cm. Čepel SpearPoint z oceli CPM-S35VN. The Cold Steel AD-10 features a 4" S35VN stainless steel drop point blade with a satin finish. I bought a few and can validate that all of them are legit. Maybe if there was a version of the AD10 that s 1 1/2 oz lighter with a blade 1/2 inch longer. Typ otevírání Kolíčky. Inline with his ultra-strong folding knife design paradigm, Andrew Demko and Cold Steel are back with his AD-10 in a full production model. DPD - Slovakia v úterý 16.06.2020. Země původu Taiwan. Cold Steel Knives FREE POST on Folding knives with order value of $60+ ! Kdy zboží dostanete? One of the strongest folding knives on the market, the AD-10 utilizes the Tri-Ad lock system alongside a robust S35VN blade.