Sat am, a leisurely start, after breakfast and packup, a 5 mile drive to the trailhead, then a 7-8 mile largely downhill hike to the Kern River in Rockhouse Basin on the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail is only a 0.5 miles long and merges with the Rockhouse Trail [35E16], which enters over your left shoulder as you walk downhill. It's easily accessed, but most drive Highway 23 unaware of the history perched under a bluff a mere quarter mile walk from the road.

We will find a nice campsite in the woods, and enjoy a fire. Located 65 miles east-northeast of Delano California. 32.03 mi. From Kershaw, South Carolina.From the intersection of US-521, h ead east on US-601 for 8.5 miles and turn left onto Nature Reserve Road. On the way you pass Long Valley Road. Drying our gear after a dewey night in Rockhouse Basin. Permits are available online here, or from many vendors in the region.

Rockhouse Basin contains Browns and Rainbows mostly in the 8-13 inch size class as well as Sacramento Pike MInnow, Black Crappie and Carp. Is that true? For hiking access, turn left on Long Valley/ Chimney Basin Road and follow it to Long Valley Campground (10.3 miles), Rockhouse Basin Trailhead (12.8 miles), or the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (13.9 miles). The campground is open year-round, but weather can affect access.

Go right (southwest), leaving the PCT, and down a small drainage to Rockhouse Basin on what appears to be an old Jeep trail. Sat May 24 2014.

The Rock House is one of my favorite landmarks on the Ozark Highlands Trail (OHT). Hiked today to the edge of Rockhouse Basin - a steep hike at the end to get up there and did I ever feel small once I made it to the divide - there's nothing to be seen out there - just mountains, rocks, and sky. The river flows slowly through the basin with some riffles and runs. I'd guess the fishing is rather good on that section of the Kern.

Kennedy Meadows Campground has 38 campsites. Just past 8:00am we pack up and hit the trail, crossing all four miles of Rockhouse Basin at a steady elevation of 5,800 feet.

Tents are welcome at all the campsites. However, besides being longer, this option requires a ford of the South Fork Kern, and may thus be practical only in the fall. The PCT trail is about one mile above this gate. Stats; Share.

14:10:36. Elevation Gain. 6230 ft. Moving Time. • Dome Land Wilderness (Manter Meadow and Rockhouse Basin) More Recordings. Three sites can accommodate large RVs, others can accommodate RVs up to 30 feet. I know there are roads on the east side from 395, but roads on the west provide better access.

Top #14212 - … We may see some of the thru-hikers, heading for Canada.

Jan, I looked at the maps and you take Chimney Peak road north from Hwy 178 and go over the Lamont Saddle and drop into the valley below to the north. Trail Overview One of three original trail systems of the HMT, Rockhouse is a favorite of many trail riding enthusiasts from around the world and many say that as far as OHV trails go, the Rockhouse trail system has it all! A quarter mile or so South from the PCT is an old road that goes into Rockhouse Basin.

This is what you take to the trailhead. Rockhouse Peak can also be approached from the east via Rockhouse Basin, which may be reached via the PCT from Kennedy Meadows (S), or from the vicinity of the Chimney Creek Recreation Area. Pretty soon you'll encounter Chimney Basin Road on the left. Banks have considerable willow covering. * Over 100 miles of trails … Dome Land Wilderness (Manter Meadow and Rockhouse Basin) Backpacking.

#14198 - 05/18/11 11:42 AM Re: Domeland Wilderness Rockhouse Peak [Re: RoguePhotonic] rpm Registered: 11/11/10 Posts: 65 Loc: San Diego, CA I'm not sure what approach to take.

From Lancaster, South Carolina.From the intersection of US-521, h ead south on SC-903 (Chesterfield Avenue) for 16.2 miles and merge onto US-601. That section of trail is generally in good shape. The hike starts by going uphill for about half a mile.

Some ponds have been formed from beaver dams. An absolutely enormous expanse of nothing - no people, no roads, and no trails (except for one or two really overgrown ones!)

Rockhouse Basin Loop part 3 of 3 Day 1 (~9.5 miles) The trailhead is located on the east side of Big Meadow. It’s such a glorious morning in Rockhouse Basin, I can’t help but smile to the sun with hot bowl of oatmeal in palms. Maybe you did walk down the road? We removed another 150 trees from the trail and repaired rock retention walls.

It doesn’t take long for our damp overnight gear to dry under the bright blue sky. Water is not available during the winter.

Once some needed tread work and mild brushing gets done the trail should be good for years. That was before the days of the wilderness act.