1929 REO Speedwagon Truck, Model FD, Flatbed, 2-ton rating. “The motor is an L-head, 73-hp 228-cid, 6-cylinder Gold Crown engine,” Bertholf said. The REO Motor Car Company was a Lansing, Michigan-based company that produced automobiles and trucks from 1905 to 1975. ... 1920-28 REO T6 U6 Truck G 2T Truck Gold Crown FC FD FE FF GA GC GD Exhaust Valve. FAST 'N FREE ... M35 M34 M109 M275 TAPPETS VALVE ENGINE REO GOLD COMET OA331 12 EA. National Library of Australia. 1933 Model BN featured REO's six-cylinder "Gold Crown" engine and combination of parts from the companies Flying Cloud and Royale luxury cars. With the nearly indestructible Gold Crown engine, REO trucks were used for the most demanding tasks on-road and off. Pennsylvania - 1961 Reo gold comit - Fender - new, used, or remaned: 18. inline six borrowed from the REO Flying Cloud car line. Free shipping. Reo Gold Comet O.H.200 and the same engine if used in a White badged truck-the Super Mustang 6-200A. Serious inquiries include name, address, and phone #. At this time, REO was using Clinton and Briggs & Stratton engines, but engineer Francis Korff was busy developing REO’s own engine in REO’s engineering lab. Two- and three-axle frames were available in the 1930s and a semi-streamlined style debuted in 1935. Modifications for truck use included a heavier flywheel, larger fan … Skip to content Skip to search. By Hamish - 7 Years Ago: 1941 Reo "Moreload" tractor-possibly a model 23 with Reo Gold Crown 310 c.i.d. This page updated 4-22-2020. Runs and drives. inline six borrowed from the REO Flying Cloud car line. The same 1936 Reo truck ad stated, “Drivers prefer the new Reo Gold Crown and Silver Crown truck engines. 1925 model featured six-cylinder engine 1929 model featured REO's "Gold Crown" 268 cubic inch, 67 horsepower, six-cylinder engine. Limit to issues of this title ... Gippsland Times (Vic. $80.00. Replacement parts include fuel pump (electric), oil filter arrangement, Battery is 12 Volts, up from 6-8. The nearly indestructible Gold Crown six-cylinder engine, featuring a chrome-nickel block, was unveiled in 1929.

The truck has been sitting for years so I cant guarantee if these parts are in good or working condition. Free shipping ... 1920-28 REO T6 U6 Truck G 2T Truck Gold Crown FC FD FE FF GA GC GD Exhaust Valve.
During the depression years, the Model BN was introduced, featuring both the now popular Gold Crown six, with the addition of interior and chrome accent pieces from REO’s expensive car …

268 CI flathead Gold Crown engine. With its 95-horsepower "Gold Crown" six-cylinder engine, the fast-for-its-day 1933 Reo Speedwagon Model BN lived up to its name. like 331-145. At one point the company also manufactured buses on its truck platforms..
A straight eight was also made between 1932 and 1936. Pennsylvania - 1950 Reo E22B - Engine Cylinder Head Gasket Set: 15. By Hamish - 7 Years Ago : 1861 - 1954), Thu 3 Apr 1930, Page 6 - REO GOLD CROWN ENGINE. The ID plate for your motor is on the block down by the distributor base. They know that these sturdy, responsive motors will ‘take it’ without grumbling.” The Silver Crown had a silver-painted head unit. In 1935 all trucks were re-styled with V-grilles and skirted fenders, and Reo's first cab-over appeared. Reo’s mainstay engine was its Gold Crown six, which typical for the era was profoundly undersquare, with a 3 1/8″ bore and 5″ stroke. Mostly original. Reo Motor Car Company in World War Two Lansing, MI 1904-1975 Rest in Peace.

The 6-cylinder Gold Crown engine made its debut in 1934, when the range ran from 1 V. to 6 tons, and the smaller panel delivery vans shared the styling of Reo's passenger cars with sharp V-­grille. I don't know what kind of mods you would do to the engine. The gas tank is round in front of wooded dash. The 1929 GA's engine was dubbed Gold Crown, an L-head, 268-cu.in.

Partially restored. Built for speed and finely crafted, the 1933 Reo Speedwagon Model BN pickup is a rare find today. -REO ENGINES for Speed Wagon etc: F Head, Continental, Silver Crown, and Gold Comet ENGINES..... -1948, 1949, 1950 WHITE petrol 6 cylinder Truck ENGINE.-Matching WHITE prime mover REAR & Front AXLEs with Spider wheel Hubs.-Matching Set of 4 LEAF SPRINGS..... -REO Front and REAR AXLES incl White. Pennsylvania - 1961 Reo gold comit - Fender: 17. Nebraska - 1950 Reo fire truck - Radiator: 19.