In addition, 100,000 new tourists are set to flock to the attraction and region.

Front Street Terrace is taking shape, stone roof tiles are being fitted to Spain's Field Farm, the Northern General Transport Bus Depot is just about complete and construction has started on the Semi-detached Houses, Police Houses and Aged Miner's Homes. by Beamish Museum.

We’re working with communities across the North East on this amazing project, which will see the living museum grow. Work is underway at Beamish Museum on the £20million Remaking Beamish project, the biggest development in the museum’s history. Beamish is seeking a guarantee form its Local Authority partners to cover an estimated funding shortfall of £4.5 million in the Remaking Living Museum 1820-1950 project, which will be raised by the museum over the next 5 years via private The centrepiece will be a reconstructed 1950s Town, which will include houses, shops, café, cinema, and recreation areas. Job opportunity. An exciting opportunity has arisen for an individual to join the Remaking Beamish Project Team, whose job will be to engage with our communities – a key part in bringing these buildings to life. Here she is with Reg, standing in a recently uncovered doorway at Spain’s Field – probably the first two people to do so for over a hundred years! It will help create new ways for people to experience the heritage of the North East.

The Remaking Beamish project is a major milestone in Beamish’s history. The exciting project includes a 1950s Town, 1950s Farm, bus depot and expansion to The 1820s Landscape, including a Georgian inn where visitors can stay overnight and examples of early industry. A £10.9million grant has been […] Remaking Beamish is good for the economy, the project is expected to create 100 new jobs and 50 apprenticeships. Contact Us. Remaking Beamish – an exciting future ahead for England’s largest open air museum In Attractions , Inspire , History The future (or should we say the past) is bright at Beamish Museum as the county’s largest visitor attraction is set to get even bigger with the announcement of a £10.9m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Remaking Beamish project will add to the museum’s existing attractions. The transformation includes the creation of a 1950s town and expansion to its 1820s area. Guests will be able to stay overnight in a reconstructed Georgian Inn, a museum exhibit, where Beamish’s nationally-significant Georgian collections will be displayed. A trolley bus system and restored buses will be used to take visitors around the attraction. The depot is a key part of the Remaking Beamish scheme, recognising that as the museum gets busier, so the transport system will need to both work harder and achieve greater levels of reliability (in order to provide, in basic terms, more seats per hour for the visitors). HLF, which will create 95 jobs and train 50 trainees. We have been busy working alongside Beamish Museum to construct a 1950’s town. An in-house design team at the museum worked with architect Steve Elliot to create the plans. Remaking Beamish Community Participation Project Officer (9 months maternity cover). Buildings from around the region will be moved or replicated and we are working with communities to […] It will include a 1950s fish and chip shop, John’s Cafe, hairdressers and a house based on artist Norman Cornish’s former home in … Beamish, The Living Museum of the North, is celebrating the largest single investment ever seen with a £10.9million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Remaking Beamish project. The Remaking Beamish project is the biggest development in the museum’s history and includes a 1950s Town, with the newly-opened welfare hall, as well as plans for houses, shops, a cinema, cafe and bowling green. The Beamish Museum, in County Durham, has been given the green light on its Remaking Beamish plans.

Beamish Museum looking forward to the 1950s Over the next five years the popular Living Museum that tells the story of everyday working life will be transformed, creating new ways for people to enjoy the heritage of the North East. Plans include a 1950s Town, 1950s Farm, expansion of the Georgian area, including an inn where visitors will be able to stay overnight, and exciting transport additions. Aged miners’ homes will provide a centre for older people, including those living with dementia. Shannon has joined us from Beamish’s Town and Pit Life Team as our new Buildings Team Assistant. Remaking Beamish!

Beamish Unlimited. Once complete it will be called Front Street Terrace. Remaking Beamish Beamish is about to embark on an incredible journey to transform the UK's most popular living museum!