4. CK 1 2249834 Pull yourself 4. On Europe, he promised a referendum on the EU Constitution before next October and to pull out of the EU common fisheries policy and the social chapter. Spamster 1 2255389 You'll pull through. They used special high-pressure hoses to help them put out the fires. 246+15 sentence examples: 1. CK 1 2215716 Tom will pull through. 2. 2. Samuels pulled strings to get her daughter a job in Mitchell's office. Real sentences showing how to use Pull out correctly. She put out her hand to shake mine.

14 sentence examples: 1. Vehicles pull out in front of you, people run into the road and, on one occasion, a tattooed man wearing a vest and carrying boxes walked right out in front of me. 0 When one pair goes missing or meets its tragic end in the hands of a … CK 1 1954709 You can't pull it off. You'll pull over and move your eyes down rather than having to pull out a separate pair of glasses. Francis pulled strings to get him out of trouble. A downpour of r CK 1 2270521 Don't pull the trigger. Carefully pull out the centre pages. See examples of Pull out in English. 59 examples: Each issue features a collectable pull-out story, games, puzzles, posters and… CK 1 2360714 I heard a car pull up. 5. 4. This, of course, leaves Karadzic amply able to pull strings from backstage. For some inexplicable reason, the investors decided to pull out. 3. 2. 3. 6 5 Sonya did not pull it away, and left off crying. CK 1 2547556 Tom pulled out a pen. CK 1 274540 Don't pull my sleeve. Examples of pullout in a sentence, how to use it. CK 1 263599 I had a tooth pulled. One of the girls grabbed her hand to pull her to the blankets where they'd been sitting while another one tugged at a loose lock of her hair. pullout Sentence Examples As they passed the plowed pullout for the cutoff to Engineer pass, they were reminded of the past June and their mountain-camping honeymoon, up … CK 1 2547557 Tom pulled out a map. 162+3 sentence examples: 1. Silks and satins put out the fire in the kitchen. The circus is planning to pull out of the suburb 3. Suddenly all the men pull out pistols and begin blasting away. Far water does not put out near fire. Elfed could and did