If you can homeschool long-term, or you might be able to, help your child reframe from “I can’t go to school” or “I refuse to go to school” to “I’m a homeschooler.” As Stroobant’s research suggests above, this shift can make a child feel better about himself and be viewed more positively by others.
You can be arrested, fined, and even go to jail. Be positive in your attitude to the school,if you hated your own schooldays, keep quiet. If there is a particular reason, at least you have some idea which paths to go down. The next important thing is to keep the school informed. But it takes time to supervise your child in the online program, to look over their work and mark their lessons complete, or to sit there and make them do the work if they're unmotivated. You can be prosecuted if your child has unauthorised absence from school - truancy, help with getting your child to school, and legal action to enforce school attendance The Best Way to Respond When Your Child Refuses to Go to School. Some teachers might feel they do not want to attend school because of the risk of Coronavirus and potentially infecting family and friends. It’s important if your child is refusing to go to school to communicate and work with the school and local authority if possible. That’s when you need a few go-to phrases to use to help you and your child get out the door, into the car and into school. some schools arrange for the next year’s class to spend a morning with the new teacher, so find out if this will happen. School refusal goes beyond an occasional “I hate school” or “I don’t want to go to school today.” Children with school refusal may sob, scream, or plead for hours in an attempt to stay home from school. This type of behaviour usually indicates a high likelihood that the child, and sometimes also the carer, may be suffering from an Emotional or Anxiety Disorder. You can't do it alone. In most families and school systems a child refusing to go to school is a crisis. She needs to go in and talk to the school, tell them she can't make him go and he won't go, and let them send someone out to scare him into going. ACAS explains that employers should listen to any concerns staff may have. Use the same persistence you do with them as your IEP team. Get notes from all of your child’s diagnosing doctors, as well as print-outs about your child’s condition. Check again. Some autistic children find the demands of school, and the school environment, almost unbearable, leading to absence or ‘school refusal’. If you know your child is missing school, talking to your child is an important first step. If she refuses to go to school, YOU are legally responsible. Put a back-up plan in place. It is Monday morning and your child Refuses to go to School and once again, complaining about a stomach ache.

When they are avoiding or refusing to go to school (their job), it means something isn't right for them and it is our job as parents and educators to figure it out. The organisation also explains that if an employee refuses to attend work, it could result in disciplinary action. We’ve set up a 504 plan to support the child’s emotional needs. The challenges and stressful situations that they are faced with during the day, can result in the child refusing to go to school.