It has more features and a better ergonomic design than every mouse ever designed for Microsoft Surface devices. Microsoft Precision Mouse was created for long hours of work with thoughtful ergonomic details, including side grips, a thumb rest, and an elegant curved shape that conforms to your hand. Over a week of use, I found the cordless, six-button mouse … There are three pairing lights, one for each of the devices you can pair the mouse with. Both USB (traditional and T2) and SPI trackpads are supported. Microsoft’s Surface Precision Mouse is a practical PC accessory for Surface owners, especially right-handed ones. The Microsoft Precision Mouse is a comfortable, high-quality mouse for power users, but it has some shortcomings that keep us from an unequivocal recommendation. If you put any amount of fingers rather than three, it will proceed with the new gesture (mouse movement, two finger scroll, four finger gestures etc. Microsoft Precision Mouse supports your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control for easy manipulation. I bought a bluetooth mouse (Logitech M337). When you enable three finger drag, all three finger gestures automatically become four finger. By PCWorld on January 22, 2018 70 . There are several approaches an OEM can take to adjust the default touchpad experience on their Windows-based device. The default values meet the needs of most users, so they should only be adjusted if they don't provide the specific experience that the OEM wants. A “precision touchpad” doesn’t necessarily say anything about the underlying hardware. While an RF mouse needs a nano receiver, a tiny USB dongle, to connect to a PC, Bluetooth mice do not require this additional hardware since most computers have built-in Bluetooth capabilities. VicTsing MM057. If you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee. Apple Software Update offered me an update to 6.1.9 and now thinks it's installed it (that is the version listed under Installed Updates in the Software Update program). Precision touchpad tuning. The Surface Precision mouse helps you stay in your flow with flawless scrolling and three customizable thumb buttons. I assume there should be a problem on the software (driver) since the mouse is working on the MAC OS side of my Macbook Pro. Thank you for your support! Both USB (traditional and T2) and SPI trackpads are supported. This project implements Windows Precision Touchpad Protocol for Apple MacBook family/Magic Trackpad 2 on Windows 10. A lack of any Mac-compatible software from Microsoft seems like an early oversight and a missed opportunity to sell the Surface Precision Mouse to more than just Windows users. But when I use it on Windows 10 OS (BootCamp) it does not work. Here’s how: Pair a single device: Press and hold the pairing button on the bottom of the mouse for 5-7 seconds, then let the button go. Precision is the name and Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse is the game. At 1000dpi, it glides effortlessly over smooth surfaces. The mouse works fine when used in Mac OS. It comes packed with a built-in, rechargeable lithium ion battery that, unlike the Magic Mouse 2, allows you to use the mouse while charging it at the same time. The Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse is a great productivity mouse ever released by Microsoft so far and it works seamlessly with Surface PCs. If you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee. The Surface Precision mouse is designed for exceptional accuracy, comfort, and control. Now, there’s a way to install Precision Touchpad drivers even on laptops that don’t ship … It’s just a different way of treating the touchpad’s input. Thank you for your support! Microsoft has made Surface Precision Mouse as a professional companion mouse for the Microsoft Surface Book 2. My Bootcamp appears to be stuck at the 6.0 version. Microsoft Precision Mouse 37 Designed for exceptional accuracy, comfort, and control, the Microsoft Precision Mouse helps you stay in your flow with flawless scrolling, three customizable thumb buttons, and the ability to use with up to three computers at the same time.