Merlin aimed the dagger at Uthers back, knowing that nothing short of a miracle could dissuade him from this bitter revenge. Link ️ "Merlin.

However you fail to help others. Now that the sword has been wielded by someone other than Arthur, it is capable of being used for evil; to prevent that, the Great Dragon instructs Merlin to hide Excalibur far from the reach of mortal men. The Great Dragon: I don't need to listen to you, Merlin. Merlin was the first mage with three stances released in the game. Come on. When Merlin meets Arthur, Merlin believes that he is an arrogant bully and Arthur ( Bradley James ), likewise, has a less than stellar opinion of Merlin.

Merlin stared at up at him from the floor and when he spoke, there was a power in his voice that Gwaine had never heard before. "You are but a serving boy!" This crisis also revealed that … [The cell door opens and Gaius steps in.] It was bittersweet but it was better than the screaming that still echoed in the distance. Borden scoffed. (Merlin goes to see The Great Dragon, who is pretending to sleep) Merlin: Hello! Tomates were not known in Europe until Columbus brought them from America in 1498. Merlin glared at them when when the knights and Arthur went hunting for pleasure. Das Anwenden von Magie wird mit dem Tod bestraft. Widely regarded as one of the greatest stage and screen actors both in his native Great Britain and internationally, this transatlantic talent was born John Vincent Hurt on January 22, 1940 in Shirebrook, a coal mining village near the busy market town of Chesterfield, in Derbyshire, England. There was an ominous pause. Link ️ "Yes, it is indeed I, the almighty Merlin! You always say the same thing; 'Help me'. Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Merlin seemed to be extremely releaved and carefully walked closer to stand in front of the white dragon.

"Well of course, young warlock Athusa's breed of dragon can heal any wound with a tear." KILGHARRAH Merlin. Show: Merlin. plumbing). "What do you know?" Nimueh. The Great Dragon (voice) Michelle Ryan . My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later.

He wasn't really surprised by Merlin's antics. Kilgharrah / The Great Dragon VOICE.

John Hurt. God Selection [edit | edit source]. The great dragon or killagara was the one to respond shocking all except Merlin When he spoke in English. Upon arriving at Camelot, Merlin is haunted by a voice and finds the source to be the Great Dragon. Young Merlin, sent by his mother from their village to start a better life, arrives in Camelot where he is to be apprenticed to Gaius, physician to the repressive King Uther. The Great Dragon (voice of John Hurt) tells Merlin that he has an important destiny: To protect Uther's son, Arthur, who will return magic to Camelot and unite the land of Albion. Arthur is next to fight the Black Knight, but Uther takes Excalibur and faces the knight himself, slaying him in the end. Link ️ "Ah yes, a land in need of true saviours! In Camelot herrscht König Uther Pendragon, der Magie zum Schwerverbrechen erklärt hat. Merlin turned his back on the Dragon, but was later forced to return for aid in stopping the spirit of an ancient sorcerer. Merlin Comparison of the voice actors who have been the voice of Merlin with sound clips and images. When Merlin is put in the stock, the kids throw vegetables at him, mostly salad and tomatoes. The master magician, the arcane wizard extraordinaire, the tinkerer of spells, the phoenix and the flame.

[Merlin hears it coming from the floor beneath him, so he gets up and backs away.]


The mysterious creature becomes Merlin's mentor in magic, telling he is destined to be Arthur's protector as he unites the land of Albion. The pen is laid to rest and the story begins once more." With Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradley James, Katie McGrath. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. The Dragon warns Merlin that only Arthur can wield it. Duty of a Dragonlord. Merlin took a breath, glancing at the wooden dragon standing vigile in the corner of the stairs leading to his room and found some means to smile. Merlin froze as he took in the unexpected sight before him, his mouth suddenly dry. Merlin, a wizard on the cusp of adulthood, arrives in Camelot hoping to find a use for his burgeoning talent for magic. In exchange for teaching Merlin a powerful spell, the Dragon forces Merlin to promise that he will one day be freed. Members Who Favorited This. You failed to heed my words before. "; Introduction [edit | edit source].