Locke is obviously a monster and he would/will put up a great fight against the Chief but I don't see how he can win. With Muse playing in his ears, Osiris Team leader and Office of Naval Intelligence manhunter Locke is the man for the job, and he's taking no prisoners in Halo 5: Guardians. Andrea Storm Kaden) - Duration: 5:34. Locke's goal was to apprehend Chief not kill or injure him. I just think we haven't seen a cutscene of Chief fighting so we were hyped about how Chief would fight tooth and … Master Chief would win. Chief vs Locke is contextual as you see how Locke and Osiris smash through boulders and tanks during their first mission. In my opinion, Chief should destroy Locke in a 1v1 fight. He's better trained, stronger, faster, more disciplined, has better augmentations, has dozens of years more experience, and has similar weaponry and armor. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Master Chief vs. Locke RAP BATTLE by JT Music and Teamheadkick - A Halo 5 Rap YouTube Angel by Your Side (feat. This whole "Chief vs Locke fight" is waaaay out there when you consider that all leaders involved had allow things to get way out of control when it came to teamwork and Chief's history. Thank you to … 404 ... Epic Rap Battles of History:Master Chief VS Leonidas In terms of strength, Chief has a pretty big advantage here. Edit: Of course this is … Season 1 Episode 20 - The Chief vs Locke thing fell a bit flat in the actual game so we decided to make up for what Halo 5's story lacked with this rap battle. سینماتیک Master Chief و Spartan Locke وب سایت guard3d.com. Likewise Chief had no interest in harming another Spartan just getting Locke out of his way. Locke was given SPARTAN-IV augmentations, which pale in comparison to Chief’s augmentations.