This table Amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 New references (PDF, 338 KB) lists the existing section numbers of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the corresponding numbers of the New Act 2017 for the parts most frequently used by … 1 xv TABLE OF CONCORDANCE TABLE OF CONCORDANCE 1 0 - Table of Concordance Presents discrepancies between AIR and Application 11 0 - Table of Concordance PREFACE TO THE APPLICATION PREFACE TO THE APPLICATION 1 0 - Preface Describe EA Application and review requirements under BCEAA, CEA Act and why 1 0 - Preface; 0 - Exec Summ, 4 CONCORDANCE Local Government Act (pre-Charter) Community Charter January 2004 1 Quickscribe Services Ltd. CONCORDANCE TABLE On January 1, 2004, the Community Charter, 2003, c. 26, came into force.For your convenience, we are providing the following table which lists sections of the Local Government Act (pre-Charter) with the corresponding sections of the Community Charter. Local governments make decisions based on a legislative framework, provide services and are accountable to their electors in a diverse range of communities. All Local Government Area codes end with the digit 0. Local Government Act [RSBC 2015] CHAPTER 1. This revision improves the readability and accessibility of the Act. 1979, c. 59 and the Company Act, R.S.B.C. The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has received questions about “in process” bylaws (e.g. Table of Concordance 1 Table of Concordance This section provides comprehensive Tables of Concordance, as required by the Application Information Requirements (AIR) and Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines (EIS Guidelines). This revision improves the readability and accessibility of the Act. Subscribers to CLE Online have access to the electronic version of the Guide. Volume 1 of the British Columbia corporations law guide contains the following tables of concordance:. Table of Concordance (Municipal Act, 2001 to Municipal Act, Other Statutes and City of Toronto Act, 2006) Commentary Municipal Act, 2001 Municipal Act, 2001 Regulations Related Materials Declaration of Office Memorandum of Understanding Between the Province of Ontario and AMO Table of Regulations Continued Under the Municipal Act, 2001 The Table of Concordance will demonstrate where the requirements in the Application Information Requirements (AIR) are found in the Application, with volume, section, and page references and following the format of Table 1. FOIP Act: Concordance for Revised Provisions S.A. 1994, Chapter F -18.5 as amended to December 31, 2 001 RSA 2000, Chapter F -25, as amended to January 1, 2002 January 11, 2002 2 4(1)(o) a record of the information referred to in section 119(3) of the Credit Union Act or respecting loans made by a credit union that are subsequently assumed by the These tables replace the concordance tables released in 2016. OSC STAFF NOTICE 11-739 (REVISED) POLICY REFORMULATION TABLE OF CONCORDANCE AND LIST OF NEW INSTRUMENTS The following revisions have been made to the Table of Concordance and List of New Instruments.