Give details of what happened and relevant dates if … Dear Sir, A report to the district chief executive about an acute shortage of water in your area and suggest three possible solutions. letter to editor on sewage problem; formal letter for the sewage blocking in our society ; How to write an effective complaint letter on sewage leakage; letter to lesee for sewage malfunctioning (Visited 18,550 times, 28 visits today) Letter to Father On his Birthday 5 Steps to a Better India – Speech. hi.i am stay in nalasopara, achole rd since last 1 yr.we are suffer from some our co.op socity problem. Kindly refer to the subject cited above. News:- 30% water cut Sample Complaint Letter for Shortage of Water Supply to competent authority.

Subject: Acute water shortage in locality of Makarpura since January 2012 The Officer in Charge, Water work Department Subject: Complaint against absence of ATM in the society campus. I wrote a letter to our next president regarding pollution issues in our nation. Write a letter to secretary of housing society informing him about the news and drawing his attention to the problem. Sample Society Complaint Letter. Theauthorities nave not yet taken any concrete steps to solve ourwater problem. The following members of his/her family reside with them since ___/____/_____. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with the situation and the worst is yet to come. We have written many letters requesting repairing of the drainage system. maharashtra: 9th std. Sub: Complaint Letter for Shortage of Water Supply.

Some worms can be seen thefloating in the Water several complaints were made but all ofthem have fallen on deaf ears of the authorities.

- Suggest a solution to rectify the problem. Sometimes the water supply is for a very shorttime. I would want to personally meet them before they move in (if that is okay). I am writing today to inform you that i am putting my flat for rent for $1200 a month. Dear Sir, My name is Vishwa Vinutna, a resident of Square villa colony. Presidential Letter. Although water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, only 4% is freshwater and only 0.5% of this water is suitable for human consumption, according to the U.N. More than 2.1 billion people still lack access to safely managed drinking water and about 40% of the global population face water scarcity. 10th std. It will be written in a certain format. You can follow these sample of complaint letter sent to either a society administration, city council or municipality commission to address the water leakage issue your colony is facing and making everyday life of citizens difficult.] The complaint letter is a better and more formal means of communication as compared to verbal means. We should mention our problems politely yet strongly to make an impact. - Why is it bothering you? Complaint about shortage of water and irregular supply to the administration of building/society etc Complaint Letter for Shortage of Water Supply The Chief Executive, District Bloomsbury, London. I want to draw the attention towards the poor water supply in our society & to raise the water table for future use. Miami, Florida. The stagnated water has been causing serious health issues. By: Jackson Murray. Below is my e-mail format of a complaint letter describing acute shortage of water in a locality which has made the daily life difficult of its dwellers.

I am writing this letter to complain of a water leakage in my home. 1) society not give to us matainace receipt 2) No BMC water facility. Subject: Poor & dirty water supply in our society. To: Landowner of Green Society. Letters are of two kinds – Formal letters and informal letters.

Dear xxxxxxxx, It is with regret that I once again write to you regarding a serious water leakage problem. A complaint letter to the landlord is written by the tenant to the owner to inform the later about certain problem/problems in hand which have to be resolved urgently. Request him to take the necessary steps. by emily; January 7, 2012; 1 Comment; To, The Director, Cooper City Housing Estate. I have Attached Format For Society Letter.