Here's how to beat it. When trying to get to the Keh Namut Shrine, you’ll find it’s located in a snowy mountain range. At the top of a hill you will find the entrance of the Keh Namut Shrine (picture4). Zelda: BotW – Main Quests. This is the shrine containing the Bombs module. Your next destination should not be the Keh Namut Shrine. Question. Walk around the far side, turn left and continue on until you …

Keh Namut Shrine (Cryonis Trial) Head over to the Sheikah pedestal and download a new Rune off of it. I want to cook the item that gives you resistance to cold but there is a goblin treehouse here and I can't cook with them nearby and I can't get on top of the treehouse. 1 comment. It unlocks the Cryonis Rune for Link's Sheikah Slate. Follow the Sheikah … Link will unlock the Cryonis Rune on his Sheikah Slate from a Guidance Stone in the Shrine. His name was initially known as Ke Numut. Head for Mount Hylia and start the climb to the top. If you look to your left heading down the corridor, you’ll see the chest is a small, out of reach alcove. How do you get to Keh Namut Shrine? The Keh Namut shrine contains the Cryonis trial, where you get a new rune for the Sheikah Slate. Applicable water will glow blue when the Rune is active. Inside the shrine, place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to the left. Keh Namut Shrine German name: Toumi-Soke-Schrein. Ancient Shrines Main article: Ancient Shrine. How to stay warm - Breath of the Wild. How do you get to Keh Namut Shrine? Instead, it should be to get warm clothes. Video Guide. Ja Baij Shrine German name: Ja-Bashif-Schrein. This is the shrine containing the Magnesis module. The Keh Namut Shrine is the first shrine that teaches you to use the Cryonis Rune for the Sheikah Slate. 658 . Located at the west end of the Great Plateau on a peak west of the River of the Dead. He is a Sheikah monk serving the Goddess Hylia and guarding the Keh Namut Shrine's treasure, a Spirit Orb to help to defeat Ganon. From the Owa Daim Shrine (the southern shrine) you can go northwest up a slope to reach these mountains. Keh Namut Shrine Chest. The Shrine of Resurrection is where Link first awakens, upon hearing a voice pleading for his return to save Hyrule.

Great Plateau Shrines Shrine Locations. Once you are inside, look just to the left to find a pedestal. The Keh Namut Shrine Chest is located in the hallway towards the last Cryonis puzzle. Again, it's in the snowy region so make sure you can survive the journey with a warm doublet or cold resistant meal. Oman Au Shrine German name: Mah-Ounu-Schrein. This is the shrine containing the Cryonis module. Keh Namut Shrine Game(s) Breath of the Wild (2017) Location(s) Great Plateau Main Item Cryonis Rune, Spirit Orb Keh Namut Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the beginning of Zelda BotW you find four shrines in the Great Plateau area: Oman Au, Ja Baij, Keh Namut and Owa Daim. 03/02/2018. This one is Cryonis. The Shrine's trial is the Cryonis Trial. Location: This can be found atop a snowy, mountainous area at the far southwest of the Great Plateau.

The Keh Namut Shrine is located at the west end of the Great Plateau, west of the River of the Dead and northwest of Mount Hylia.As the shrine is located in a rather cold area, Link should acquire the Warm Doublet, or cook some Spicy Peppers to create Spicy Sautéed Peppers, giving Link some Cold Resistance, and allowing him to travel through the harsher climate.

Discover the path to discover the Keh-Namut shrine in video, including the location of the chests in Zelda the Breath of the Wild.