Whippet Temperament and Behavior with Other Pets permalink; embed; save; give award freyalorelei 4 points 5 points 6 points 1 year ago * If they're introduced to the cat as a puppy, it should be fine. Thanks! I tried to introduce my teenaged whippet to a cat some months back and it was a nightmare. I think they really have to have been around cats since they were pups to get it. Yes, these types of introductions are very do-able, though I have found that it's generally easier to introduce a dog into a cat's household than introducing a cat into a dog's household. If you think about adding a whippet to your household and you already have cats, look for a dog that has already proved himself to be cat proof. One thought on “ Introducing Dog To New Cat ” A Better Dog June 8, 2015 at 12:37 pm. ANSWER: The debate about whippets and cats is hot but most whippet owners seem to be have been successful in mixing them especially if the cat was in the house first. I would like some advice as far as how risky it is to have a whippet mix and a cat and also some pointers for introducing them and having them live in the same house if we do choose to adopt her. In any case, the introduction of a new pet always calls for a good deal of caution to avoid accidents and irrevocable hard feelings between species. Good article - thanks!