One can also ask any doubt or uncertainty through business correspondence.

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The letters written by one to another, and the answers thereto, make what is called the correspondence of the parties. Any communication in the form of the letter is correspondence. Find descriptive alternatives for correspondence. Algebraic correspondence synonyms, Algebraic correspondence pronunciation, Algebraic correspondence translation, English dictionary definition of Algebraic correspondence. E-mail correspondence has become extremely important for modern businesses. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The correspondence office was officially opened by HRT's Managing Director Kazimir BaAiA who said that quality reporting on public and state institutions, as well as on international and all important issues, especially with neighboring countries, was in the focus of HRT.

Note the correspondence of each number to a location on the map. See Letter, contracts; Proposal. Correspondences may come in the form of letters, emails, text messages, voicemails, notes, or postcards. Meaning of Business Correspondence. He glanced at the address and at the signature, then tore the letter in two and threw it into the washing-basket by his side.

Hi guys I just received mail called 'Correspondence letter' when opened it basically says my work permit application has been accepted and a date listed for me to be in Canada by. The act, fact, or state of agreeing or conforming: The correspondence of the witness's statement with the known facts suggests that he is telling the truth. Correspondence sentence examples. Are you sure you sent it to the correct address? If you've ever had a pen pal or an email buddy, you’ve written plenty of Correspondence. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it.

The correspondence between the two became, in effect, an alliance by stealth, waiting for events to make it safely transparent. CV stands for the Latin words "curriculum vitae", meaning "the course of one's life". View in context Perhaps it may be possible to modify this notion of formal correspondence in such a way as to be more widely applicable, but if so, the modifications required will be by no means slight. 120. A written correspondence in the business world is the business correspondence. To receive much correspondence in a dream may represent an overdue letter or communication that one is expecting. For a long time he had been in correspondence with the chief banks in Shanghai and Macao. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Basic Structure of an Official Correspondence Letter. 17. 2. Definition of correspondence written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. CORRESPONDENCE. Best regards: friendly close to a letter - also Kind regards, Best wishes: I use "Best wishes" to close personal correspondence, but for commercial correspondence I use "Best regards". His interest in writing came from a … Correspondence is defined as communication, generally through letters or emails. Correspondences are important for most businesses because they serve as a paper trail of events from point A to point B. What is the meaning of 'correspondence' Correspondence Scrabble Scrore 21 ( ) Correspondence is a body of letters or communications. Sample Covering Letter for Resume or CV It is usual to send a covering letter (BrE) or cover letter (AmE) with your resume/CV when applying for a job. Sometimes, when applicable, it comes with a fifth one which is known as enclosures. There are four necessary parts to every correspondence letter: the heading, the salutation, the body, and the signature. correspondence These are words often used in combination with correspondence. : Explanation and classification both tend to rationalise the memory, and to organise the mind in correspondence with Nature. Sample Letter of Reference Companies and other organizations often ask for a letter of reference. Any person related to a business expresses oneself though business correspondence. A formal tone is always used in business correspondence. Correspondence is the act of writing letters to someone. An example of correspondence is when a person acts in the same way she appears to think. A book of the author's personal correspondence was published early last year. 3. 2. correspondence. Besides referring to that stack of love letters you've bound up with ribbon, Correspondence has a couple of other meanings, too.

: I've been in correspondence … The correspondence took an ethical tone. dence (kôr′ĭ-spŏn′dəns, kŏr′-) n. 1. n. the place to which a letter is to be sent: We still haven't got your invoice. 196.

In general, the correspondence of the parties contains the best evidence of the facts to which it relates.

The two men began a correspondence that would continue throughout their lives. To be writing in a dream may indicate that the dreamer needs to send a letter … : He was even a scholar of note, and in correspondence with several celebrated scientists, and spent large sums in the interests of science. The definition of correspondence is the act of conforming or agreeing with someone or something else.