7. The only problem is that when I am moving in-game, the video gets blurry, and it's like this every time I am moving.

You can freely move and resize sources in the canvas to build your layout. You can verify this by looking at the volume meters in the mixer section of the main OBS Studio window, and see if they are active.
Twitch: Partners get full access to transcoders, Twitch Affiliates get access occasionally. It can use to provide the lag-free recording and high-quality output of your content. If not, just move the slider all the way to the left.

These two features work together to neatly manage your video, audio, and other production assets. OBS; How to setup OBS for Live Streaming Written by Paul Richards on January 18, 2019. Basic OBS Studio Setup. OBS Studio overview.

In my experience this setup gives a good quality of recording along with stability.

Go Back to the home screen on OBS to know the answer of how to record with OBS. Once your account is linked you will also be able to see your chat inside of OBS. Desktop audio: This controls the sounds coming from your computer (apps and music) during the recording. If you are instead using a USB microphone, most of the same steps will apply, but your default recording device will … Basic first-run setup. Hey, I'm trying to figure out what settings to use to record minecraft gameplay. When you first launch OBS you'll see there is already a scene added in by default, which you can find in the bottom left corner of the interface. Mic/Aux: This controls the microphone or an external input. We now have OBS installed with all the correct settings in place for screen recording. How to Use a DAW for Streaming or Recording Video on a Single PC. If you’re using a mic to speak over your recording, make sure this slider is up. 8. When this is done there is no need to input your stream key. It’s a good option for getting started. An easy guide to getting the perfect OBS settings for recording game footage for trailers or streaming. Desktop audio: This controls the sounds coming from your computer (apps and music) during the recording. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding.

The clips will also save to the location selected in the recording output settings. Adjust the volume as needed. Learning how to use OBS, however, is a journey unto itself. By default, OBS Studio is set to capture your system default desktop audio device and microphone. Set up your audio devices. OBS Screen Recording. Some of my recording settings: