Scan your NEXUS card at the NEXUS reader located at the entrance gate. NEXUS is a joint venture between the Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection to simplify border crossings for card … If your NEXUS Card is taken from you at the border or at the airport, you can appeal within 90 days. From United States. The NEXUS card is beneficial for business professionals who regularly travel between the U.S. and Canada. NEXUS Pass is a border crossing card for expedited US Canada Border Crossing. NEXUS cards provide expedited travel at the US Canada Border for predetermined low-risk Canadian and US citizens. At the CBSA site, the instructions are as follows: – When you enter Canada or the United States using the NEXUS lane, stop and hold your NEXUS card in front of the proximity card reader. If you intend using your NEXUS pass for air travel, you must have the NEXUS Iris scan. This Trusted Traveler Program provides expedited processing for NEXUS members at NEXUS lanes , at NEXUS kiosks at Canadian airports where preclearance is available, and at marine reporting locations. I’ve never used a land crossing via the NEXUS lane so I can’t speak from experience. The NEXUS card is important for reducing the time Canadians or U.S. citizens need to wait for border crossing. Travellers seeking to expedite the border clearance process should look into using a NEXUS card to cross the border. NEXUS is designed to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States.”This is a trusted traveller program that has a lot of similarities to the American programs, Global Entry and TSA Pre .. So what exactly is the NEXUS card? The kiosks are part of the US Global Entry system and are mandatory to use when using your NEXUS Card to clear customs in an airport in Canada or the US when travelling to the US. At the NEXUS interview you stand in front of a special infra red digital camera that focuses on your eye. Scan the NEXUS cards for everyone in the vehicle and continue to the inspection booth with the CBP officer for clearance. The main benefit of a NEXUS card is an expedited process of immigration and customs processing at designated border crossings. NEXUS card is appropriate for people who cross frequently the border between Canada and the USA. For more information: NEXUS Terms and Conditions and Travelling with Can$10,000 or more NEXUS card holders have faster, less involved border crossings using automated NEXUS self-serve kiosks in designated areas at participating international airports.

Iris scan is only for travelers who intend to use their NEXUS pass for air travel. By land, drivers may bypass lineups and use the special (shorter, if not empty) NEXUS card lanes. In Canada you can appeal by contacting your local Enrolment Center. Non-NEXUS members cannot go with you through a NEXUS kiosk, regardless of age; If you are crossing the border in the air, land or marine modes of transportation with currency or monetary instruments valued at Can$10,000 or more, you cannot use NEXUS. Nexus lanes are located at the following land border crossings:Alexandria Bay, New YorkBlaine, Washington (Pacific Highway)Blaine, Washington (Peace Arch)Buffalo, New York (Peace Bridge)Calais, MaineChamplain, New YorkDetroit, Michigan (Ambassador Bridge)Detroit, Michigan (Detroit-Windsor Tunnel)Highgate Springs, VermontHoulton, MaineNiagara Falls, New York (Lewiston By water, cardholders can report to border officials by phone in advance of arrival. During the interview, the applicants stand in front of a special camera that uses both visible and near-infrared light to take a clear, high-contrast picture of their iris.There is no pain or harm to the eye in taking an iris scan; however, children are not required to have it.