After reading the whole book, you should have a basic understanding … A number of sheet music are also provided for your own practices. This book will teach you how to play dizi, the Chinese bamboo flute, at the beginner level. The cross section of the dizi when blowing is as shown below: Notice that part of the air goes in the dizi whilst some go across. No prior knowledge in Chinese music is needed. Dizi: 2 Measures at a Time is a comprehensive course for the the Dizi is designed for those who wish to study the Chinese bamboo flute, but do not have access to a teacher of the traditional music.It includes a Chinese bamboo flute made by skilled craftsmen in China, a set of four compact disks as well as an instructional book, special diaphragm skin and glue. How to Play Dizi A Brief Introduction to the Chinese Transverse Cross-blown Flute The Chinese Dizi flute is famous for its brilliant clear sound, variety of tone colors and extensive dynamic range. The splitting of the air is what makes the sound. In addition, you will know the dizi's structure, how to choose and maintain a dizi, as well as the numbered music notation.