Even if you do “the duck face” which puts lips outward and sucks the cheeks in you get hollower cheeks, The buccinator is reponsible for cheeks suction which probably cause hollow cheeks, models suck their cheeks all the time. Hollow cheeks appear to recede inward into the facial bones rather than project outward. A: How Can I Get Chiseled and Hollow Cheeks Like a Male Model?
Although some people like the look of such depressions on the face — it creates a slimmer appearance — others see them as markers of age. You are correct, your cheeks are quite flat and a Cheek Augmentation with Cheek Implants of the proper aesthetic size and shape would be indicated. Aesthetically speaking from the photos provided, these are the differences between your face and the male model's. (unisex) This subliminal will give you -Attractive Hollow Cheeks -Defined Jawline … This was a theory based on anecdotal evidence, … How to Get Chubby Cheeks. Akuo This video has affirmations designed to get Extremely fast and instant subliminal results. This creates a more prominent jawline and highlights the cheekbones. If you have sunken cheeks, you might want to plump them up to gain a more youthful appearance.