Though the focus has been predominantly on going to cosmetology school after graduating from high school, some high schools do offer this type of training for students who already know that cosmetology is their career path. One exception is if you are taking cosmetology training while in high school. The supply list for cosmetology school varies by institution and by the type of courses you're taking. For example, one school may focus on hair care, while other schools have more comprehensive programs that include facials and nail care.  AP Psychology: If your high school offers an AP Psychology course, then you [1] X Research source The profession is dynamic and requires great social skills and an eye for beauty.


Basic knowledge of … Examine the school's curriculum before you enroll to make sure the program suits your career goals. Most cosmetology classes are performed in-person so students can learn how to handle hair, nails, and skin firsthand. Typical Cosmetology Trade School Requirements. As long as you have your high school diploma and graduate then you can go to cosmetology school. The Best High School Classes to Take Before Cosmetology School Professional Tips , School News Dec 30 2015 If you’re in high school and your dream is to be a cosmetologist you may be wondering what you can do now to prepare for your beauty education after graduation.

Just to say, There is a complete difference in a 16 year old getting a GED and going to cosmetology school, and a 16 year old, still in high school, trying to go to cosmetolog School.

Sometimes club members read and discuss articles about education, licensing and careers in the beauty business, and other times they try to practice the skills taught in …

Here is an example: Cosmetology Education in High School. The supply list for cosmetology school varies by institution and by the type of courses you're taking. The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology may deny an application if it`s determined that the student does not meet citizenship and/or high school education requirements if under the age of 18. Cosmetology teachers provide instruction in the different branches of the field. They have a class at their high school with a marvelous description that you can modify to use for your own homeschool. You don’t even have to pay for the course before you have completed it, and no exam is required to pass. These are usually included in the kit: You may also be required to have a high school diploma or GED, but some states accept an entrance exam. Explore all of our programs! You can choose from the four-hour cosmetology course, the four-hour manicurist course or the four-hour esthetician course.