At this point, the Neighbor catches the player.

Find out what happens right before the events of the main game... Hello Neighbor is a Stealth Horror Game About Sneaking Into Your Creepy Neighbor's House... Secret Neighbor is a Multiplayer Social Horror game set in the Hello Neighbor universe... Buy that Hello Neighbor merch! The Neighbor's chin has a spiral marking on it. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is the exciting prequel to the stealth horror hit. Dec 29, 2017 @ 12:52am Act three: What do I do in the basement? The shadow man also can be seen watching the player from an overhanging beam. The time has come to discuss one of the more interesting parts of an highly anticipated video game. Share Tweet. From Hello Neighbor Wiki Jump to: navigation, search The " Shadow Man " (internally called "Thing") is a malicious creature whose origins are unknown. The entrance to Fear_Darkness is located in the box dangling off of the side of the house. By now we have moved past the disappointment of the … The entrance to Fear School is located behind the green key door, which is to the right of the stairs on the main floor behind boxes. Jump to: navigation, search. From Hello Neighbor Wiki. Hello Neighbor: The Shadow Man. The Neighbor has brown hair, and has eyebrows slanted towards his noticeably reddish nose. Get Hello Neighbor free to play unblocked game version and more: Review, FAQ, trailers, tips and latest news at In the school, look from the ceilings and then you'll find him. The Neighbor wears a yellow shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a collar.

When beaten, it unlocks the double-jump powerup. This one takes place in a dark, huge pantry, where you must work your way up to the top using the shelves while eyes stare out of the darkness at you. theBellyfish. Everytime i progress through the basement, the shadow man-thing comes and kills me and I can't escape! Fear Rooms.

In the basement you can see him on the exit door but if you reach there he's gone. They should then go down the hall the Shadow Man came from and double-jump onto some pipes to get over a gate blocking the door marked with an Exit sign. Hello Neighbor Free Download for Windows PC, PS4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS.

The shadow man's sights. To access it, you must get the green key from the magnet room. 5. Its first known appearance was in the Alpha 3 build, where it looked like a little kid. After it is gone, the player can pass. In the pantry, the shadow man is at the near top of the shelves. by Legendary Dad | Published August 26, 2017. The Hello Neighbor game moved to the top of our list for 2017 thanks to the appearance of the Shadow man and his mysterious background. wadueydooo? Theodore Peterson, commonly known as Mr. Peterson or The Neighbor, is the Main Antagonist of Hello Neighbor. Mr. Peterson is a tall, well-built, cartoonishly-styled man. The Neighbor also has a curly waxed mustache, and green eyes. A Shadow Man is also present, and again requires invisibility to avoid being caught as it walks down a long hall. SHARES. Contents. He always tries to keep the player from breaking into and entering his home. Fear_Darkness is one of the three Fear levels. Hello Neighbor. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Hello Neighbor > General Discussions > Topic Details.