We will also cover all of the cards in detail at the end. Some basic and less basic tips on how to use an all-invisibility pair of Mindthief and Scoundrel.
Getting Started. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. Each player chooses a starting Character Class (Brute, Tinkerer, Spellweaver, Scoundrel, Cragheart, or Mindthief), and opens the corresponding character and miniature boxes, then takes that character's character mat, deck of level 1 ability cards, and the 5 character tokens. I’ve also created a guide for the locked Sun class. Normally a scenario takes 10-15 rounds, so even the Scoundrel’s low stamina of 20 active rounds is plenty, if you play her cards right… This time the guide offers a much more balanced mix between the two aspects of the game with absolutely zero compromises on anything. Guides » Gloomhaven - Mindthief and Scoundrel Invisibility Guide (Useful Tips) Gloomhaven - Mindthief and Scoundrel Invisibility Guide (Useful Tips) Written by Noules / Dec 1, 2019 Taking damage is a pain. Gloomhaven is a fantastic game. The Scoundrel is the "rogue" of Gloomhaven, a class built primarily around hitting a single enemy very hard. If you enjoyed this Brute guide, check out: Cragheart ranged build guide, Scoundrel single target poison guide, Spellweaver area of effect guide, Tinkerer crowd control guide and damage with stun Mindthief guide. Part of that success can be attributed to the range and depth that each class has.

15 Awesome Gloomhaven Accessories and Upgrades. I’ve also created a guide for the locked Sun class. More Gloomhaven articles

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Gloomhaven has been a hit since its release in 2017. Do you want to get into Gloomhaven? For example, a Scoundrel can play those 25 rounds of a Brute or MindThief if she takes 5 long rests: Long rests refresh spent items, so spent items are more useful to a Scoundrel than to a Tinkerer. Gloomhaven Classes – Starting Characters Overview and Rank.

I’ve created guides for all the Gloomhaven characters. If you love Gloomhaven and want to upgrade it, here are some of my favourite Gloomhaven accessories and upgrades. This guide is intended as a resource for those who are interested in trying out that type of play. There are a few ways to choose your starting character. Scoundrel Guide Structure. I like that Gloomhaven has gone for a female tank character, it’s rare to see in games. By Emily Sargeantson. In my group, we already had a tank, so I played as a damage + support Sunkeeper, check out my build guide!