The fact that it is highly conformable and tolerates temperature changes makes it the perfect product for sealing duct work, and its weather resistant quality means it can be used on duct in both indoor and outdoor environments. Foil tape is a versatile product with a multitude of applications and product styles. Aluminum Foil Tape, Aluminum Air Duct Tape, Professional Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape for HVAC, Pipe, 2 inch x 55 Yard(3.9mil), 1-Roll 4.6 out of 5 stars 119 $11.99 The adhesive on duct tape dries out over time, especially in the kind of frequent temperature changes seen in dryer vents; expansion and contraction also loosen duct tape.

Our favorite is Gorilla Tape ( available at Amazon for $4.84 ) , a durable and easy-to-use tape that gets the job done head and shoulders above the competition. Both mastic sealant and aluminum foil tape are good options for sealing air ducts. in width, 5 yd. ECHOtape’s new professional duct tape, CL-W6064, has a fine mesh easy-tear backing which gives you a crisp clean edge when torn by hand. While five duct tape products survived the baking test, in some cases this was because the backing separated from the glue, then fortuitously slid over the holes, plugged them, and baked shut again. No matter which sealant you choose for your ducts, make sure you choose a high-quality product and clean the application area first. In both kinds of test, duct tapes -- the majority of the products tested -- were the only sealants that failed.

Despite the name “dust tape,” never seal air ducts with duct tape.

It simply does not hold up. Some duct tape can be torn by hand, making it convenient for working on the fly. This can create gaps in the joints of the vent. Our 3M™ Aluminum Foil Tape 425 is the go-to foil tape for numerous applications across a broad range of industries.

However, some duct tape products have extra reinforcement, which will require scissors or hand-tools to cut.

in length, and weighs 0.32 oz. Multipurpose Tape: this adhesive foil tape works suitably well in general, commercial, and industrial applications. Yes, there is a difference between good duct tape and bad duct tape.

It can be used for aluminum seams and joints, sheet metals, fibrous and metal ducts, and aluminum backed duct boards Specifications: this silver foil tape measures 1 in. Duct tape is the essential fill-in-the-cracks patching, sealing, and hanging item. Comprised of a dead soft aluminum foil backing and coated with a highly engineered pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, it is ideal for heat shielding, heat reflecting, chemical masking, light enhancement, chemical milling, seaming, sealing and de-paint operations. Quite a big difference, as it turns out. Duct tape is for everyone.