At our first conference, … Christ is "fitted in" rather than being the school's vital principle. We #HaveFaithinCatholicSchools! Welcome to the Catholic Education website. 1. Our "faith" in Catholic schools is a nearly 300 year legacy of education for all regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic background. Through our commitment to Catholic Education, we recognize the opportunities to grow in faith, foster a sense of ministry, and to advance a just and caring society. A Catholic education carries a hefty sticker price.

I am a strong supporter of Catholic schools, in part, because of my experiences as a student. Enrolling your child in a Hawaii Catholic School is a great investment in your child’s future. Over 170 years later, Hawaii Catholic Schools are stronger than ever. Lay Catholics, both men and women, who devote their lives to teaching in primary and secondary schools, have become more and more vitally important in recent years. It defines and underpins who we are as a Catholic community and guides us in our decisions. Elementary school admissions season is in January with returning student registration at the end of January and new student registration in February. Faith is integrated into all subjects. INTRODUCTION. Religious Education is central to our existence as a Catholic school. Scotland in the 21st century is an increasingly multi-cultural and diverse nation. 76 Journal of Catholic Education une Th˝ The Characteristics of Catholic Schools: Comparative Perspectives from the USA and Queensland, Australia Jim Gleeson1, John O’Gorman2, Peta Goldburg1 & Maureen M. O’Neill1 1Australian Catholic University 2Griffith University-Australia The faith-based identity of Catholic schools is increasingly problematic in a secular- The Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology interviews Catholic school teachers on the various ways they teach their students that there is no conflict between our faith and our science. (1) Whether we look at schools in general, or Catholic schools in particular, the … Catholic schools have the task of being the living and provocative memory of Christ. Catholic schools emphasise personal and social development as fundamental enduring values and requirements in an ever-changing world. All too many Catholic schools fall into the trap of a secular academic success culture, putting their Christological focus and its accompanying understanding of the human person in second place. We recognise that faith development is a lifelong journey and acknowledge parents as the first faith educators of their children. As stewards of education and faith, Hawaii Catholic Schools have a long-standing tradition of producing leaders in our Church and our communities.The first Hawaii Catholic School was established in 1841. When we moved to Duluth in 2015, our new Catholic school community at Stella Maris Academy welcomed us with open arms. Why Catholic Schools?