Other than kung-fu chopping watermelons in half and perfecting your nunchuks skills, running a triathlon is […] They have numerous events every year at Alcatraz where large groups do the swim. It was located on a secluded Island that was surrounded by miles of sea. Alcatraz was a maximum security prison in the USA. Nick Diaz claims to race every 2 weeks during triathlon season. They currently run a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school in Stockton, California, Nick Diaz Academy and founded a CBD company Game Up Nutrition. “Alcatraz is a big draw because it’s very challenging,” he says. Any experienced open water swimmer can knock that out pretty easily. This is the type of shit Nick and Nate Diaz do in their free time.

Who were the Anglin Brothers and Frank Morris? It was this that made it the ideal location for a prison. Chael Sonnen discusses Nate's unintentional brilliance and how he deals with potentially being eaten by a shark. He has been primarily vegan since he was 18, but admits to eating fish from time to time. He was initially thought to be an attempted Golden Gate suicide. There are two men who have made the swim over 1,000 times apiece. ----- Well over 5,000 athletes a year successfully swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco. It actually isn't too bad of a swim I did the Escape from Alcatraz Tri a few years ago. The Nick Diaz UFC Workout.

Both Diaz brothers are advocates for cannabis. The Alcatraz Triathlon was established in 1980 and has continued to be held on an annual basis to prove that escape from Alcatraz is possible—that is, if you’re a highly trained athlete. The marathon is made up of a 1.5-mile swim to San Francisco, an 18-mile bike ride, and an eight-mile run.

Among mma athletes, it's pretty high. Among endurance athletes, it's very, very low. Diaz's brother Nick Diaz is also a professional MMA fighter fighting under UFC. Personal life. They post pretty typical results for someone who trains a moderate amount for their Triathlon events we know about. It's only a mile and a half (about a mile shorter than an ironman distance of 2.4 miles) and the Bay usually isn't too choppy when they do it. This is hardly a big deal, they have one of the most over subscribed Triathlons from Alcatraz every year, the swim is from Alcatraz where you jump of the back of a boat to start the swim back into the bay. I'm guessing the Diaz brothers do closer to 12 hours of cardio a week plus all the other training. 0shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Flipboard LinkedIn Pinterest The Diaz Brothers are out here swimming in lakes, cycling through the trees and running along mountainsides. (Compare Nate's time of 3:40 to the top finishers time of 2:40 total time). The key is to swim during "slack tide", when the currents are neither coming into the bay (flood tide) nor going out of the bay (ebb tide.) The Diaz brothers have better cardio than any other fighters ever. Aquatic Park has been regarded as the "classic" route as many big annual Alcatraz races finish there, including our own Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions. There are very few things better than watching Nick Diaz expertly swinging around nunchucks for four minutes, and as of right now, I can't think of … The swim is 1.5 miles and you probably have more risk of injury jumping from the boat than actually being injured by any sharks in there. Cesardiaz Stories Refine by tag: cesardiaz onmyblock rubymartinez jamalturner monsefinnie oscardiaz omb netflix spooky santos monse freeridge jamal oscar … By ... Diaz is a zealous competitor that is wholly incapable of backing down. The reason they both have cardio for days is because they are both avid triathletes.

Not really that "insane" since we know the Diaz bros regularly do triathalons. “Years ago, people believed it wasn’t possible to swim it, and there was nobody to learn how the currents work. I see this every time the Diaz brothers and cardio come up. You have chosen to escape Alcatraz to San Francisco - but will you arrive to Aquatic Park, or St. Francis? Most triathletes train all three sports a total of around 30 hours a week. Nate got tired at UFC 202, but only a little, and that was an absolute war for 25 minutes. John Paul Scott escaped in 1962, and managed to swim/float 3 miles to Fort Point. Scott made the swim in December, and was caught due to hypothermia and exhaustion. 1.)

On swimming Alcatraz multiple times: "it's a lot nicer than you think".